Rock Hard Abs in 3 Easy Steps

Rock Hard Abs in 3 Easy Steps

If you’re spending hours at the gym trying to get fit and ripped, rock hard abs are most likely part your plan right?!

But they’re not always easy, and I was personally quite frustrated with the results I was getting even when I was putting in 90 minute workouts 5 times a week. Over the years, I’ve seen a number of you guys also get frustrated very quickly by your lack of workout results, especially when it comes to your abs abs. But rock hard abs ARE possible, and they’re not as difficult as you may think if you train and eat smart.

Let me show you how to get rock hard abs in 3 easy steps…

Rock Hard Abs in 3 Easy Steps

In just 3 easy steps, I guarantee you’ll transform your midsection and speed up your abdominal progress by weeks, if not months! Dedication and commitment are important as well, so make sure you do everything you can to stay on track!

Here are the steps…

Step #1 to Rock Hard Abs – Eat Right

People often underestimate (if not ignore entirely) the role of a healthy diet in getting rock hard abs. But trust me when I say that diet is probably THE most important component to a sexy six pack.

First and foremost, you need to adopt a diet that is conducive to a thin and toned midsection. This means cutting out the fat (especially bad fats like saturated and trans), reducing your sugar intake (most of which gets converted to fat), and limiting your carbohydrate intake. But in addition to all the things you need to cut out, you also need increase your intake of foods that naturally increase your fat-burning potential.

One of the best metabolism-boosting nutritional components you can get is protein. By simply increasing your daily protein intake, you’ll make significant gains in the number of calories you burn on a regular basis. And to get the most out of this easy rule, I recommend supplementing with a high-quality protein mix like Optimum 100% Casein Protein.

Step #2 to Rock Hard Abs – Crunch Hard

Exercise is the next easy step, and abdominal exercises really aren’t too challenging. Remember, you can only add so much resistance when it comes to your abdominals. After all, those muscles can only get so big!

But you do need to push yourself. A good rule of thumb is to add or increase resistance (with weight) when you find yourself exceeding 30 reps of any one particular ab exercise. As for frequency, I recommend 1-2 big ab workouts each week (30-45 minutes in duration) or 3-4 short-duration ab workouts across your workout schedule (10-15 minutes in duration). The approach is up to you, but you need to make sure you’re putting in enough time at the gym. And remember, you still need to work out the rest of your body for optimal results!

To get more out of your ab workouts, I recommend this Xercise Ball Package With DVD And Pump.

Step #3 to Rock Hard Abs – Supplement for Fat Loss

In the last easy step to rock hard abs, we return once again to metabolism. But instead of using diet or exercise to increase your fat-burning potential, I want you to think seriously about investing in a fat loss supplement.

There are some really effective (and safe) supplements now available on the market. One of the current leaders in the industry is 7-Keto LeanGels. It’s composed of a number of naturally-derived fat-burning ingredients to totally shed the weight and help those ab muscles shine through! This is an easy but seriously effective strategy!

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