kickboxing exercises at home

Kickboxing Exercises at Home

Without a doubt, kickboxing exercises can offer you some of the best results when it comes to home workouts. The short bursts of intense movements will get your heart rate up and your metabolism totally boosted.

If you’re trying to burn some extra calories the fast way, then kickboxing exercises are the way to go. The convenience of doing them at home will mean you’re less likely to miss a workout.

And since kickboxing incorporates both your arms and your legs, a good kickboxing workout will help you train your entire body!

The following kickboxing exercises can be done in sequence as a total workout, or choose the ones that are right for you! Either way, give this intense calorie-burning technique a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Kickboxing Exercises at Home

Kickboxing Warm-Up

Before any kickboxing workout or exercise, make sure you warm up your body. Any time you engage your body in fast, intense movements, you risk injuring yourself if you haven’t warmed up properly. Marching on the spot, bringing your knees as high as possible, is a sufficient warm-up. 5 minutes should do it.

For the rest of these exercises, try each one for at least 5 minutes, and increase your duration at your own pace.

Kickboxing Exercise #1 – Punches

In a standing position, move quickly between stepping motions, each time stepping one foot forward and one foot back in a single movement. You’ll have to engage in a little bit of a jump, lifting both feet slightly off the ground as you alternate between steps.

As you develop a rhythm with your steps, start incorporating punches with your arms and fists. Each time you step one foot forward, follow it with a punching motion on the same side of your body. As you keep moving, intensify your punches.

TIP: Make sure your knees are slightly bent throughout. Don’t look up your joints.

Kickboxing Exercise #2 – Kicks

Engaging your abs, and using a similar stance, alternate between kicks on each side of your body. Straight forward kicks are sufficient. That is, lift your knee and kick your foot directly forward, raising it as high as possible. If low kicks are all you can do, that’s fine as well.

TIP: For better balance, try holding your hands at your waist and focusing on a point in the room.

Kickboxing Exercise #3 – Duck & Squats

This one is based on the idea of avoiding hits and attacks in kickboxing. Starting in a standing position with your feet hip width apart, quickly drop into a full squat position and lean slightly to one side. Return to starting position, and squat again, this time leaning to the alternate side. Repeat, increasing speed as you move.

TIP: Don’t worry about how deeply you can move into the squat. Any depth is fine.

Kickboxing Exercise #4 – Combinations

Once you get the hang of each exercise individually, try combining them into your own kickboxing workouts. Try alternating between a few punches, kicks, and ducks. Add in other movements like knee lifts, sidekicks, and even hooks to take things to the next level.

Kickboxing Cool-Down

Don’t forget to cool down after an intense workout like this. Hydrating with some good old H2O or VPX Coco Fit Coconut Water will do the trick. Add to this a good quality protein supplement like Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion and an amino acid complex like Scivation Xtend, and you’ll give your muscles the fuel they need to recover properly!

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