dieting a mental game

Is Dieting Really A Mental Game?

For some reason, people think dieting is hard. No matter what they try, the just can’t seem to lose any weight. They think there is something wrong with them or their genetics predispose them to be overweight. But, it’s really all in their head. Let me explain…

Dieting is 95% mental. This may sound rather outlandish, but it is true. How do you lose weight? You consume fewer calories than your body needs and fat will come off. But, if it is that simple, why do most people still fail? Its because their mind is playing games with them.

First, sticking to a healthy diet is one of the most difficult, yet most important things to do if you want to lose weight. If people could just stick to any kind of diet, they would see great results. But, their mind doesn’t allow them to do that. They trick themselves into cheating and breaking their diet.

Next, people get really confused when their weight goes down one day on a diet, then up the next. They think they put on fat. But, the body is a very complex machine, holding water and playing tricks on you. That is why it is a good idea only to weigh yourself once a week to get over this. If you are one of those people who like to weight yourself once a day, you will end up driving yourself crazy and you will never be satisfied with your results.

In the end, dieting is a mind game. You need to focus on sticking to your diet and not worrying about every little thing. You need to have a diet rich of natural healthy foods and eliminate food products that have ingredients you can’t announce. If you can do this, you will reach your goals quickly , and you will not have any trouble controlling how your body looks at any time!