Intense Circuit Training Cardio Workout

Intense Circuit Training Cardio Workout

As much as some of us hate the time doing cardio, not only can ithelp maintain a healthy weight, it’s a great way to improve your cardiovascular health, support your energy level, and even release a bunch of endorphins which will put you in a better mood.

Add to that its ability to fight stress, and cardio is something you don’t want to skip. But you have to do it right to reap all the benefits, and the best approach to cardio exercise is definitely circuit training.

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What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is the best way to add variety to your workout while keeping you moving.

The goal of circuit training is to move through a series of exercises, either weight training or cardio (or a combination of both) without resting in between. In the case of weights, you would perform only one set per exercise.

For cardio exercise, you want to time yourself at each exercise, but the time can vary from one routine to the next. It’s all about mixing things up and working to your maximum potential. This is why circuit training is such an effective strategy for burning fat and losing weight.

Ready to work up a sweat?

Killer Circuit Training Cardio Routine

This cardio circuit takes 35 minutes in total. Run through each exercise, performing each one for the amount of time indicated. Remember, don’t rest between exercises! Your travel time and setup is all the rest you need.

Keep your heart rate up, and your body working hard!

  • 3 minutes of walking on treadmill (moderate pace) – this is your warm-up
  • 2 minutes of woodchopper (view exercise)
  • 3 minutes of knee tucks on bench (view exercise)
  • 5 minutes of jogging on treadmill (fast pace)
  • 3 minutes of jump rope
  • 5 minutes of cycling on stationary bike (moderate to fast pace)
  • 2 minutes of bench step-ups (view exercise)
  • 2 minutes of bosu ball knee tucks (view exercise)
  • 5 minutes of elliptical machine (moderate pace)
  • 2 minutes of jump rope
  • 3 minutes of light jogging on treadmill – this is your cool-down

And there you have it! In just 35 minutes, I guarantee you’ll work up a killer sweat and burn a ton of calories. If you have more than 35 minutes, you can easily start over from the beginning or mix things up and repeat some of your favorite exercises. You can also incorporate additional exercises, and even throw in some weight lifting sets for a total body workout.

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