green tea weight loss

Green Tea Weight Loss

During this time of year we’re all trying to lose some extra weight we’ve put on, so looking for healthy ways to help us fight the good fight can never go unappreciated right?

You’ve probably heard of the claims about green tea and weight loss. But is green tea a good option for you?

Let’s find out…

Green tea may be one of the most talked about natural weight loss remedies out there. And the truth is, there is some decent evidence out there to support these claims!

Some Facts about Green Tea and Weight Loss

1. Green tea increases your metabolism.
The benefit here, of course, is that you’ll burn more calories. And when you’re trying to shed the weight, you need to get into a calorie deficit. This means that you need to burn more calories than you consume.

This may sound challenging, but this is where green tea can really help! It’s an all-natural method for increasing your calorie deficit and losing more weight!

2. Green tea increases your body’s ability to burn fat.
This means that your body will oxidize or use up more fat during exercise and physical activity. Combines with more calories burned overall, you can see why green tea is such a great option for weight loss!

In addition to this, research has shown that those who drink green tea or take the extract also are consciously reminded to eat more healthy and thus the benefits are compounded in a very positive way.

3. Green tea provides tons of antioxidants.
If you’re concerned about your overall health, then green tea is a great option for getting a more balanced nutrition plan. Not only will you see improvements in your weight, but it will also help with many other aspects of your health.

For example, there is lots of research which shows that green tea can help lower your cholesterol, improve your body’s immune system, and also help your cells eliminate toxins found in our foods and the air we breathe. These are all benefits we receive because green is so high in antioxidants.

4. Green tea acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
This can be extremely helpful when you’re trying to lose weight, and might just give you the extra kick you need. The main reason for its appetite-suppressing properties is the caffeine it contains.

5. Green tea can give you a natural energy boost.
Because it’s a natural source of caffeine, it’s a great option for giving you a morning or pre-workout energy boost. The difference between the way the caffeine absorbed with green tea vs coffee is that the the caffeine is absorbed much more slowly so you don’t experience the crash with green tea like you do after drinking a coffee.

How much green tea should you drink?
Many of these benefits can be gained from drinking a few cups of green tea every day, but that might sound like a lot to you. Luckily, there are a few great green tea extract supplements you can buy that contain all the green tea you need! In fact, a lot of the scientific studies on the benefits of green tea have used green tea extract.

And of course, the benefit of these supplements over other weight loss supplements is that they’re natural. So if you’re looking for a natural option, green tea is it!

Here are two that I highly recommend:

Green Tea Weight Loss Conclusion

Whatever your weight loss goals, green tea and green tea extract are great options for boosting your metabolism, burning more fat, and shedding some extra pounds. And remember, I always recommend regular exercise in any weight loss program, so make sure you’re staying active!

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