fat loss weight training

Fat Loss Weight Training

By now you may have tried quite a few different weight training programs and perhaps you have picked one from the workouts and training section of the site, but now you want to accelerate your fat loss even further.

The cool thing about this fat loss weight training plan is that you can either place it into your favorite exercise plan or make it your entire plan and run through it 3 times a week and just add some other cardio/yoga/swimming on your other days to keep your metabolism accelerated.

One thing I want you to consider is that this is quite intense so start at your own pace with the maximum number of reps you can do now and build up, but otherwise the program is very simple to follow. I’m going to provide alternate exercises for those of you who want to do this at home so minimal equipment is needed.

Ready for it? Let’s go!

Fat Loss Weight Training Program

This is a circuit style workout which means you run through all the exercises back to back with minimal rest (no longer than 30 seconds). After you have done them all, take a one minute break, drink some water and repeat another 2 times.

If you’re doing this circuit at home you will need a stability ball like Xercise Ball Package, some resistance cables instead of weights like Adjustable Resistance Toning Tubes, a balance trainer instead of a bosu ball like Harbinger Balance Trainer, and a high quality jumping rope like LCD Digital Jump Rope .

5 minutes jumping rope
20 burpees as fast as you can (view exercise)
12 push-ups on bosu ball (view exercise) or alternatively with balance trainer.
7 reps each side russian twist (view exercise)
7 reps each side reverse lunge (view exercise)
15 squats on bosu ball (view exercise) or alternatively on one foot
15 shoulder presses with dumbbells (view exercise)
12 bicep curls with dumbbells (view exercise) or alternatively with resistance tubes
12 stability ball back extensions (view exercise)
30 seconds plank on stability ball (view exercise)
5 minutes jumping rope as fast as you can

There you have it, 9 exercises sandwiched by one of the best cardio exercises on the planet – jumping rope! This should be intense enough for even the most advanced of you out there as remember your goal is to try and do each exercise one after another without resting.

If you do this fat loss weight training program more than once a week then I would highly recommend you include these post-workout recovery supplements to help you from burning out and losing all the progress.

Have any questions or feedback about the fat loss weight training plan? Please leave me a comment below…