cytogainer review

What you need to know about Cytosport Cytogainer

98% lactose and 96% fat free, Cytosport Cytogainer is produced with a tried and tested, highly effective formula of whey peptides, protein, complex carbs, creatine and glutamine to help you build muscle mass fast. Because it is nearly lactose free, there is no bloating or gas that is so commonly associated with other gainers.

Users sing the praises of Cytogainer’s great taste and remarkable results – saying it is without question one of the best gainers on the market. Another favorite feature among those who love it is the fact that Cytogainer contains no aspartame, glucose or fructose.

Who is Cytosport Cytogainer for?

Designed specifically to pack on muscle mass, Cytogainer may be the product for you if:

  • You don’t like the taste or artificial ingredients in other gainers
  • Want to pack on lots of muscle
  • Found other gainers made you feel bloated or gassy
The benefits of Cytosport Cytogainer are numerous and extend far beyond the incredible results it gives you. Those benefits include:

Thermoloid has been proven to:

  • Great tasting
  • Easy on the stomach
  • No sucrose, fructose or aspartame
  • Low in fat and lactose
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The Cons/Disadvantages of Cytosport Cytogainer

Some of the disadvantages of Cytosport Cytogainer include:

  • Hard to mix up without a shaker or blender
  • May cause increased body fat hiding lean muscle if not combined with a good cardio routine
Common Misspellings

Some common misspellings for this product include:

  • Cryptosport Cytogainer
  • Syptosport Sytogainer
  • Syto Sport Sytogainer
Our final verdict on Cytosport Cytogainer

Cytosport Cytogainer is a great product for anyone looking to bulk up on muscle mass. It delivers excellent results when combined with a good workout routine and proper diet.

It should be noted that it is high in calories which will make you gain body fat without a high impact, high intensity cardio routine. Check out Cytosport Cyto Gainer.