best weight training supplements

Best Weight Training Supplements

Supplements still get a bad rap from time to time. But there isn’t nearly as much to worry about as there used to be. In fact, for many professional weight trainers and bodybuilders, supplements have become an integral part of their fitness success.

Many supplements on the market today have been tested and refined over many years of use, resulting in products that are safer and more effective. There are also many natural options available, making a healthy lifestyle possible with supplementation.

If you’re interested in trying a weight training supplement, or curious about how to improve your workouts, let me give you a simple breakdown of the best weight training supplements. These are my top 3 picks…

Best Weight Training Supplements

1. Natural Whey Protein – Whey protein powder has really revolutionized the fitness industry. Its complex amino acids are totally effective for building lean muscle mass and contributing to muscle repair and recovery. A single scoop in the morning and one following your weight training routine can make a big difference when it comes to seeing results.

But there’s one important caveat to keep in mind: quality. Those protein powders you buy at your local big box store just don’t cut it, and are often filled with unhealthy fillers and preservatives. Instead, go for a 100% natural option like Optimum 100% Natural Whey. It’s also free of flavors and colors, so you can add it to anything!

TIP: For an easy, healthy protein shake, add 1 scoop of natural whey protein, ½ cup of fresh or frozen fruit of choice, ½ cup of low-fat milk or milk alternative, and ice as desired.

2. Branched Chain Amino Acids – BCAAs are your first choice when it comes to amino acid supplements. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle tissue, and increasing the variety of amino acids in your diet will add considerable improvements to your weight training efforts. Not only will you notice faster recovery, but you’ll also notice significant gains in size.

My top pick is Optimum BCAA 1000 Caps. Take them before and immediately after your workout for the best results. In addition to supplementing, you should also strive to get a variety of amino acids in your diet. This can be achieved easily by ensuring a variety of protein sources.

3. Pre-Workout Energy Booster – Energy is a major factor in fitness success. In fact, fatigue is probably the biggest complaint I hear as a personal trainer. And let’s face it, life is busy – it isn’t always easy to stay energized throughout the day.

Pre-workout energy boosters are a great option. In addition to increasing your momentum at the gym, they also effectively boost your metabolism, improve fat-burning, and help you lift bigger and last longer. If you struggle with any of these things (and I’m guessing you do), I recommend trying MusleTech Nano Vapor, one of the most innovative leaders in pre-workout formulas. A lot of people see some pretty impressive results with pre-workouts so give it a go for about 4 weeks at a time and see how your body responds, the intensity factor may be the exact thing you need to get to the next level.

4. Multi-Vitamin – Although you should be aiming to get all your vitamins and minerals from natural unprocessed whole foods when you are training at an intense level your making sure you get the required amounts for your body can be quite a challenge and a smart multi-vitamin that has all the elements necessary to allow your body to absorb nutrients and excrete wastes is extra important. Also making sure to get one that is specific to your gender is a much better idea as men and women have different requirements so go for Optimum Opti-Men or Optimum Opti-Women. For guys who are even more intense in their training Armor-V Vitamins is an even smarter choice as it includes added anti-oxidants to help with muscle recovery.

5. Thermogenic Fat Burner – All the training can be very disappointing if you aren’t seeing nice muscle definition and if you are on a high protein diet where you are really trying to put on lean muscle mass it can be especially challenging.  That is why a combination of raspberry ketones, green tea extract and l-carnitine is such a great combination to keep your insulin levels in check and prevent excess calories from being stored as fat.  One of the best in the industry for this is Dyma-Burn Xtreme and is equally powerful for men and women.

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