Ab Workout Routine Amplified

Ab Workout Routine Amplified

No matter how many ab workout routines you may have tried I’m going to put together one here that pushes you to your limits and it’s all done in a power 30 minute session.

The great thing about this ab workout routine is that even if you can’t complete it you can break it down and reduce the repetitions to suit your level, and yet have that ultimate goal to reach.

Before we jump right in I’ll give you one more nugget of wisdom here that you may have forgotten about.

Working your abs means hitting it at all angles and this includes all your core muscles which run through your sides (obliques) and lower back. But it goes one step further as you need to also blast away some fat through some intense cardio in order to see those ab muscles.

Are you ready for this???

The 30 Minute Ab Workout Routine

As with any workout you want a good 5-10 minute warm up which will get you to a light sweat. You can do this with the elliptical, treadmill or any other cardio machine which gets your entire body moving.

Ok now you’re going to do these exercises back to back and then follow it with 1 minute of jumping rope (or stair climber machine as replacement). Once you’ve done that entire circuit you are going to repeat it 2 more times for a total of 3 sets of the entire circuit:

40 Mountain Climbers with bosu (view image)
30 seconds plank with bosu (view image)
20 Ab Crunches on bosu ball (view image)
10 Bicycle crunches on bosu (view image)

Ok, here’s the next circuit same style as above but instead of jumping rope you are going to do 1 minute of burpees (view image), here are the exercise to perform back to back:

30 seconds side plank on each side (view image)
20 Ab Crunches with Legs Raised (view image)
10 Stability ball back extensions (view image)

Ok by now you should be getting quite fatigued and you can either stop here or go for another round! Instead of burpees you will now switch to 30 seconds of jumping jacks. Here are the exercises to run back to back:

20 ab twists (view image)
10 ab roll outs with stability ball or wheel (view image)
10 hanging leg raises (view image)

There you have it! What you’ll find is quite special about this routine is that it will really get your heart rate up and your metabolism burning fat like mad. But due to intensity you will need to have a smart post workout nutrition plan otherwise you will get into muscle breakdown phase. Try a tasty and slow digesting protein like Optimum 100% Casein Protein, so it can gradually and continually help feed your muscles. I usually also add a few scoops of BCAA’s (branch chained amino acids) like with Muscle Pharm Recon or Scivation Xtend.

If you are one of those impatient ones and want quicker results you may want to consider a Basic Fat Loss Stack to burn more fat around your midsection.

Have any questions or feedback about this amplified ab workout routine? Please leave a comment below…