9 Total-Body Moves to Tone Your Arms, Abs, & Butt

9 Total-Body Moves to Tone Your Arms, Abs, & Butt

Get Total-Body Fit in One Workout

You’re in for a treat with this new total-body workout, that will help you focus on 3 of the biggest problem areas most of us have a challenge with toning—the arms, abs, and butt. You’ve probably already tried a number of different exercises but doing these ones in conjunction will definitely put a smile on your face when you look in the mirror in a few weeks time!

All you need is 30 minutes for this workout. Use it a as a bonus routine on the weekend, or throw it into your weekly workout program.

Ready to get seriously toned?

The Arms/Abs/Butt Total-Body Workout

Run through the following exercises in this order. Spend no more than 30 seconds between sets. Also aim for maximum rep output, so that you’re reaching muscle fatigue at the end of each set.

  1. TOTAL-BODY: 2 sets of lunge and press, each side
    (view exercise)
  2. ARMS: 2 sets of bicep curl with barbell
    (view exercise)
  3. ABS: 2 sets of ab crunch on stability ball
    (view exercise)
  4. BUTT: 2 sets of barbell squat
    (view exercise)
  5. TOTAL-BODY: 1 set of woodchopper, each side
    (view exercise)
  6. ARMS: 2 sets of overhead tricep rope extensions
    (view exercise)
  7. ABS: 1 set of rope ab twist, each side
    (view exercise)
  8. BUTT: 2 sets of barbell deadlifts
    (view exercise)
  9. TOTAL-BODY: 1 set of bosu ball single-leg squats, each leg
    (view exercise)

If you’re feeling sluggish before your workout then make sure you fuel up with a post-workout shake to get the most out of this total-body routine. One of my favorite classic protein powders is Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion. It’s one of the tastiest proteins around, especially the chocolate milk flavor.

One other great protein shake addition after your workouts is the healthy carb mix Optimum 100% Natural Oats & Whey. It’s another one than really satisfies, and gives your arms, abs, and butt what they need to recover so you can go even harder in your next workout and that’s the only way you’re going to progress and see the results you want to see.

Which body part do you want to tone first? Leave a comment below to set things in motion with your intentions…

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