Hugh Jackman Real Steel Workout

Hugh Jackman may just be one of the fittest lead males in Hollywood and he never shies away from any challenge when it comes to an action movie.

Lately he looked even more buff than usual as he hit the gym again for his action-packed role in Real Steel.

So how’s he getting so ripped? Keep reading to find out…

1. The Hugh Jackman Real Steel Diet

First, he knows how to eat right. Whenever he’s asked about his workout routine, Hugh Jackman always brings up diet. Not only does he eat health – lots of greens, very little fat and sugar – he also eats a ton of protein.

In one interview he even mentioned waking up in the middle of the night to have an extra protein shake! So whatever you do, you’ve gotta get the protein. Here’s how…

First, invest in one or two high quality whey proteins. I always have a couple different flavours on hand so I don’t get bored with them. I recommend checking out Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion. The Delicious Vanilla and Milk Chocolate flavors are amazing and will leave you feeling full and prevent you from eating junk food.

Second, use protein bars to snack on. There are some good ones out there and some bad ones. Two of my recommendations are Promax Protein Bars and Myoplex LIte Bars, or you can view my recent article on Best Protein Bars. Other ideas for snacking are non-fat Greek yogurt, almonds, and lentils.

2. The Hugh Jackman Real Steel Workout

For his workouts, Hugh Jackman hits it hard at the gym, and it definitely shows! He typically rotates between 2 phases of resistance training: muscle building and strength gaining. Each of these phases lasts 6 weeks, rotating over a 5 month period. If you already have a great workout routine then you can simply apply the principles below to follow Hugh’s training regimen. However, if you need a workout to reference then check out either Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Workout or Chris Evans Workout for Captain America.

Phase 1: Muscle Building – For the muscle-building phase, the goal is to put on mass. This means lifting heavy and getting out 8-10 reps of each exercise. It also means working to failure, so you need to feel the burn!

Phase 2: Strength Gaining – For this phase, the goal is to gain strength. Why? Because increase strength means you’ll get more out of your next muscle-building phase! Here, you’re probably going to want the help of a trainer or friend.

You need to increase your weight even more, so that you’re only getting out about 3-4 reps before failure. Aim for 4-5 sets of each exercise. Add on the weight, but don’t lose your form!

Interval Training – For the last week of each phase, Jackman focused on high intensity interval training. This means doing short total body exercises and alternating between high and low intensity. You can do this to your cardio workouts as well. For a complete description of high intensity interval training, click here.

Hugh Jackman Real Steel Workout – Conclusion

It sounds intense, but if you want to get yourself into superhero, action star shape then it’s the workout for you! And if you’re worried about packing on too much mass, just increase the number of reps a bit. You may also want to consider taking an energy boosting supplement like NOW Green Tea Extract, to keep you pushing through these workouts!

Have any questions or feedback about Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel workout? Please leave a comment below…