7 Ways to Slow Down and Find Balance

Relax, and Get the Most Out of Life

We live in a world that can get pretty stressful, and finding balance can be extremely difficult. But it’s not altogether impossible.

If you’re looking for new ways to de-stress, give some of these strategies a try. It may be easier than you think!

7 Simple Ways to Slow Down and Relax

1. Take a Walk in Nature

It may be the simplest strategy on this list, but it’s also one of the most powerful. Nature can provide the perfect escape from the noise and business of the city, and allow you to complete unwind. In fact, research is pretty clear on the benefits of nature, with a number of studies and experiments showing a positive effect of nature on stress. Even something as simple as the presence of plants and natural elements in a room can lower your blood pressure.

2. Turn Off the Smart Phone

This one’s closely related to the first, but technology can also get in the way of finding peace and calm. While it can offer a convenient means of communication, your smart phone can also create a constant sense of work and responsibility. At the very least, give yourself 30 minutes to an hour of phone-free time. You might be surprised by how refreshing this is.

3. Try Some Yoga

Yoga should be pretty high on your list if you’re desperate for some new relaxation techniques. It incorporates some meditative components, which have been shown to significantly reduce stress, in addition to the mental focus and mindfulness encouraged throughout. The benefit of the flexibility training and stretching is also huge, and can help you relax on the physical level too.

Can’t find the time or money for a yoga class? Check out this complete Gaiam Yoga for Beginners Kit here.

4. Take a Social Media Free Day

Social media can be a huge source of stress. In fact, new research is showing that it can increase social anxiety and produce an all-around negative mood. One of the reasons is that it can make you feel left out. So try taking one day each week where you go social media free. I’ve found this to be an extremely refreshing practice.

5. Start a Gratitude Journal

The science of gratitude is starting to get pretty interesting, with increasing evidence for psychological benefits of expressing gratitude on a regular basis (or even once, in some cases). Start keeping a gratitude journal, and start or end your day by listing a few things you’re grateful. It’s an incredibly simple strategy, but it can really help you find some balance.

6. Prioritize Your Sleep Schedule

Of all the health habits you should get in order, sleep is probably the first and foremost. Sleep has an impact on everything else you do, from diet to exercise and your ability to handle stress. Make sure you’re getting around 7 to 8 hours a night, and make sure it’s of solid quality.

To get on the right track, take a look at my Quick Sleep Remedies here.

7. Take Some YOU Time

Regardless of how you do it, taking some dedicated YOU time each week is vital to your health and happiness. Engage in some of the strategies noted above, or create your own habits and rituals that allow you to find some inner and outer peace.

Which one of these are you going to start doing more of? Please leave a comment below…