7 Tricks to Jump-Start Your Weight Loss

Back on Track with Your Weight Loss Success

If you’re feeling a little stuck in your weight loss efforts and need something to get you back on track this article is written specifically for you.

These are 7 of my best tricks to jump-start weight loss and get you seeing real results again. Sometimes all you need is a simple shift in your habits to boost motivation.

Ready for a whole new beginning? Implement one or all of these strategies today and those compliments about how good you look are going to come flooding in.

7 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Weight Loss Results

1. Get in the Green, and Stay There

When it comes to healthy eating, I always like to go with the basics. Without a doubt, the best thing you can do to lose more weight and improve your health is to eat more veggies and greens. It sounds so simple, but it’s the one thing that remains a challenge for so many people. But eating more veggies has a cascading impact on your health, boosting metabolism, reducing cravings for the bad stuff, and increasing energy.

2. Get out of the Sugar, and Stay Out

The next best thing you can do for your health is to cut out the processed sugar. Again, this strategy has an effect not only on your weight loss efforts, but on every other aspect of your health. In addition to all kinds of negative effects on your health, sugar gets converted to fat when it’s not burned off, so it’s a deal breaker when you’re trying to lose weight.

3. Rethink Carbs and Grains

Carbs continue to be the subject of debate, but there are a few basic tips I can offer to help you drop the pounds and stay lean. First, definitely get rid of processed and bleached grains and replace them with whole grains. Once you’ve done that, take things a few steps further, and consider dropping wheat and eating more quinoa, brown rice, and the like. And keep in mind that veggies and nuts are also carbs, and they can offer a lot of fuel to keep you moving.

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4. …and Alcohol

Sadly, alcohol is not conducive to your weight loss efforts. It doesn’t mean you have to eliminate it altogether, but at least watch what you’re drinking. The fruity, sugary drinks are a no-no, and the beer is not going to help you lose the belly fat at all. Keep it simple and clear, and cut down on your frequency a bit.

5. Stay Hydrated

It’s a trick you’ve probably heard before, but there’s no denying the benefits of staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. Not only does it help you feel full and satisfied, it’s also an important step in staying energized.

6. Expand Your Workout Focus

A simple trick to see more gains from your workout is double your efforts. If all you’re doing right now is cardio, add some resistance training by lifting weights for part of your workout. If you’re already really focused on weights, try adding some intense cardio training or interval training. Whatever you’re doing, change it up and get out of a single-pronged approach.

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7. Get a Little More Sleep

Poor quality sleep can screw up so many aspects of your health, including your diet. We all have troubles sleeping sometimes so having a natural supplement like Natrol Melatonin is a good one to have on hand.

A number of hormones involved in regulating your hunger and cravings are controlled by your sleep, and getting poor sleep can lead to the worst cravings that last all day long. Get your sleep under control, and not only will your eating habits stabilize, you’ll also feel more energetic – and that will have a big impact on your workouts.

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