5 Traits of the Mentally Fit & Successful

How to Get Your Mind in Serious Shape

My career has really been focused on physical fitness. Everything on this site, from weight loss motivation and tips to workout routines and healthy meals, has been written with that goal in mind.

So I was thinking, what about mental fitness? How exactly do successful people get “mentally fit,” and how is it related to physical fitness?

The truth is, the two are very closely related and I hope you’ll find that these health tips will enhance your mental strength and allow you to succeed more than ever in life.

5 Strategies to Get Mentally Fit

So, how can you improve your mental fitness? Here are 5 common behaviors of the mentally fit…

1. Work Out Your Mind

The first one might be the most obvious here, but it’s important. The most mentally fit people out there are usually the ones who exercise their mind. This can involve a lot of different things, but my general advice is to keep challenging your brain. It’s almost the same premise as adding new exercises to your workout in order to challenge your muscles. I think it’s safe to say that even though you may find your current state quite challenging, keep exercising this muscle of being confident, happy and of course humble. When analyzing the happy successful people I know I found this to be something that they practice every day and it definitely doesn’t always come easy.

2. Learn How to Unwind and De-stress

The next tip is a big one. If you want to maintain your mental fitness and use your brain more efficiently, you’ve got to learn how to deal with stress. Stress wears on your body and your mind, especially if you can’t deal with it in a timely manner and it persists. You’ll end up having trouble concentrating, feeling short-tempered, and your memory will suffer.

For some simple but effective strategies for handling stress, read my post on How to Handle Stress.

3. Exercise and Stay Active

What you do with your body also has a big impact on your mind. Not only does exercise help you deal with stress better, it can also improve your memory and concentration. Plus the release of endorphins just makes you feel a whole lot better, and without negative emotions to get in the way, your brain will work a lot more efficiently.

4. Include a Little Lifting in Your Routine

It’s not just cardio that improves your mental fitness. Lifting weights and strength training have also been shown to help you deal with stress better and enjoy a clearer mind. Personally, I also find that strength training is a great release of built tension, and that’s what will indefinitely help you feel more relaxed and ready to take on life.

If you’re not lifting weights or still a beginner, try one of my Muscle Building Workout Routines, and boost your mental fitness while you’re at it.

5. Eat a Whole Foods Diet

This last one might be the epitome of the mind-body connection. Your mental health is directly related to your diet and what you put in your body. Why? Because all of the vitamins and minerals you need to stay mentally fit come from your food. When they’re in short supply, your mind can work as efficiently, and your concentration and memory will suffer. Plus when you eat foods that are highly processed and high on the glycemic index (meaning they cause fast spikes in blood sugar levels), you’re more likely to crash afterwards – both physically and mentally.

Looking for a healthy diet that’s also going to keep you mentally fit? Check out my Clean Eating Diet and get your head in the game.

Have any questions or feedback about these 5 Traits of the Mentally Fit? Please leave a comment below…