19 Healthy Food Pinterest Boards to Follow for 2016


I’m sure we’ve all, at some point in our lives, uttered that phrase. Whether it’s that time of year again (New Year’s Resolutions anyone?), a health concern (not cool, but let’s be real, they happen), an event (20-year high school reunion, ACK!!), needing more energy (zzzz…), or that nightly double choc brownie with two scoops of French Vanilla ice cream that isn’t playing nice with those gorgeous jeans you want to get into again…

Please, just make healthy food not taste like cardboard!

Whatever reason fits you, you’re likely here because you’re looking for healthy food that doesn’t taste like cardboard. With so many amazing options out there, we all have the issue of information overload! Where to start?! Well, Pinterest is great, with so many… you getting squirrely yet?! Yeah, it’s great, but so easy to get sidetracked with organizing, vacation spots, event (wedding?) or party planning, DIY projects, crafty stuff, quotes, hairstyles, man caves….

Round up: 19 Healthy Food Pinterest Boards!

So…. We’ve done the dirty work for you. We’ve rounded up 19 of our favourite Healthy Food Pinterest boards that you should absolutely follow to meet your health and fitness goals in 2016. Of course we have to also mention our Pinterest Boards as well, check out our Healthy Nutrition Board as well as our Healthy Recipes Board.

But, on to the list, here it is in no particular order…


1. Mother Earth Living’s Healthy Food

Healthy Mason Jar Snacks at Hello Natural

(image from HelloNatural.co)

Why: MotherEarthLiving.com is the home site for the hard-copy magazine of the same name (minus the .com of course 😉 ), a ‘zine that prides itself on being “an authority on green lifestyle and design”… which of course includes cooking with a nutritious and whole-foods focus! Most of the pins are from their own site, with the odd pin from around the web thrown in the mix.

Check out:


2.  TaraLynn McNitt’s Healthy Food = Healthy Life

Healthy Breakfast Sandwiches To Go at Simply Taralynn

(image from SimplyTaralynn.com)

Why: TaraLynn originally started out blogging on Tumblr, but was so successful that she moved to her own site where she blogs about fitness, food, and lifestyle. She’s walked the walk, including battling eating disorders, to get herself to a place where healthy = life. Her boards and her blog are great inspiration.

Check out:


3.  Skinny Ms’s Healthy Food Fast

Iced Chai Latte at Skinny Ms

(image from SkinnyMs.com)

Why: Over 500 pins from the Skinny Ms. website, with lots of posts with multiple recipes – great browsing for being efficient and getting that menu plan done… FAST.

Check out:


4.  Nicole Perr’s Healthy Food

Easy Salmon and Potato Foil Packets at Averie Cooks

(image from AverieCooks.com)

Why: Like myself, Nicole is a certified personal trainer, but based on the other coast, in Boston, MA. With almost 1K pins on this board, there are a lot of healthy takes on classic foods, like slow cooker chicken, fish in foil, and tacos.

Check out:


5.  Sammie Ellis’s Healthy Foods

Why: This college student has a great eye for yummy, good-for-you recipes. There are a lot of vegan and paleo pins on this board, if that’s what you’re looking for. Over one thousand pins though, so be vigilant and don’t spend TOO much time on this board! 😉

Check out:


6.  Vanessa Thomas’s Healthy Food

Paleo Shrimp Scampi at Sweet C's Designs

(image from SweetCsDesigns.com)

Why: Almost four thousand pins. Need I say more? Be vigilant though, you could lose a day here… but it might be worth it.

Check out:


 7.  Steph Busta’s Healthy Food

Popeye Muffins at The Green Forks

(image from TheGreenForks.com)

Why: She’s a “makeup guru on YouTube” (her words, not mine), who is now an avid pinner (over 55k pins!) with a “healthy” following of over 100k. Her Healthy Food board has a huge collection of varied pins, including a great deal of vegan recipes, or vegetarian ones with vegan options in the captions, and lots of salads.

Check out:


8.  The Wimpy Vegetarian’s Healthy Food

Slow Cooked Shredded Beef Tacos at Kaylyn's Kitchen

(image from KaylynsKitchen.com)

Why: Even though the site is centred around “Vegetarian Recipes even Carnivores will Like,” Susan’s Healthy Food Board has some meat on it. Amongst pins from her own site, she shares stuff from Kaylyn’s Kitchen, the Foodista, The Iron You, and more.

Check out:


9.  Elizabeth Nichols’ Healthy Foods

Maple Roasted Veg Crispy Bacon Flatbread at Salt and Wit

(image from SaltandWit.com)

Why: Sometimes, the amount of followers a board has doesn’t do the board justice. With only 536 followers, Elizabeth has curated a diverse healthy board that includes an assortment of pins that have tips to keep on track, healthy recipes that include bacon (mmmm!), Weight-Watchers-inspired recipes, and gluten-free goodies too.

Check out:


10.  POPSUGAR Fitness’s Eat Like a Cavewoman Paleo Recipes

Paleo Meatballs at POPSUGAR

(image from POPSUGAR.com)

Why: While so many boards will often have a few meat recipes here and there, vegan and vegetarian definitely dominate the healthy eating sphere. While it’s good that people are more open to plant-based diets, it means that sometimes it can be hard to find healthy meat recipes. If you’re looking for some paleo-friendly meat dishes, this is the board for you. The majority of the pins are from the POPSUGAR Fitness site, but they’ve added some others too, like from NomNomPaleo, Against All Grain and Paleo MG.

Check out:


11.  Zoe F’s Healthy Food

Why: There aren’t a lot of details about Zoe, but this board is fantastic. Her pins are super-varied, coming from FoodNetwork, A Beautiful Mess, The Stir… including everything from Paleo to Vegan to Chicken and Fish (which are likely paleo 😉 ).

Check out:


12. Victoria Scudamore’s Healthy Food 

Baked Zucchini Fries at Damn Delicious

(image from DamnDelicious.net)

Why: Victoria Scudamore is an artist in Vancouver, BC who is a prolific pinner (24k!) with a good-sized following (almost 30k), but her fantastic Healthy Food board is a hidden gem with only 2.5k followers. She pins a mixture of different healthy foodie things from around the web, including cooking for one, freezer meals, and quick fixes.

Check out:


13. BeachXBabe’s Healthy Food

Why: 458 pins of vegetarian goodness, with a fair few vegan pins thrown in as well. (She has no description for her board, so it may be completely vegan, but I don’t want to get your hopes up in case it isn’t. 😉 )

Check out:


14. Everyday Health’s Healthy Food Recipes

Chickpea Burgers and Tahini Sauce at Everyday Health

(image from EverydayHealth.com)

Why: EverydayHealth.com is a great site with so much fantastic information to help us all play a more active role in our own healthcare. Their Healthy Food Recipes board has over 1000 pins from the site, ranging from different meal solutions, to recipes to help with weight loss, and even foods to combat specific ailments.

Check out:


15.  Not Enough Cinnamon’s Healthy Desserts

Why: If we completely abstain from ALL sweets, some of us might just go crazy. Sometimes, IN MODERATION, we can have some sweets…. especially if they’re created with our health and fitness goals in mind. This healthy desserts board has some great health-grounded dessert recipes that help us indulge, while still keeping our goals in sight.

Check out:


16. Don @ Today’s Plans’ Healthy Food and Snacks

Why: This board is pretty huge – NOT for the easily distracted. It’s a collaborative board with over 180 different contributors, and well over three thousand pins. However, even just within two rolls of my scroll wheel, I found half a dozen pins that I added to my own personal boards. Again, be vigilant, and definitely make sure you’re on this board ONLY when you have some time.

Check out:


17. Sandy Halliday’s Healthy Food

Moroccan Spicy Rice at Jennifer Makes

(image from JenniferMakes.com)

Why: After recovering from chronic fatigue through detox, Sandy is passionate about sharing information about detoxing. This particular board contains healthy recipes for after one has done a detox or cleanse.

Check out:


18.  Ves’ Healthy Food

Tomato Mozza Sandwich at Daydream Kitchen

(image from DayDreamKitchen.com via BuzzFeed)

Why: No info on Ves shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the wonderful pins on her Healthy Food board. Despite only having 315 pins, this board is filled with different types of meals, including black bean quesadillas and Moroccan fish with mango and couscous, but it also has tips and tricks, inspiring quotes, and the odd little meme to give you a giggle on your healthy food journey.

Check out:


19. Skinny Taste (ALL of it!)

Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets at Skinny Taste

(image from SkinnyTaste.com)

Why: The bio for Gina’s Pinterest account says: “Easy, light recipes for all diets from Vegetarian, Weight Watchers, Clean Eating, Gluten-Free, Paleo, etc. All recipes include macros and WW Points.” So for anyone following anything that has specific “rules,” the Skinny Taste Pinterest will be a great resource. And this lady knows her stuff. Dr Oz even featured her, awarding her 2014’s Healthiest Pinterest Winner. Again, a lot of pins are hers, but with more than twelve thousand pins across 121 boards… Yeah… there’s a lot of pins from around the globe on there.

Check out:


We hope you enjoyed our Pinterest Healthy Recipe Board Round Up, and we hope these boards help you keep on track with your health and fitness goals for 2016!

Tell us below in the comments if we missed any boards that you feel are absolutely necessary for your healthy food journey! Did we introduce you to any that you’re really excited to follow in 2016?