15 minute killer kettlebell workout

15 Minute Killer Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells are one of the best alternatives to dumbbells around, and for many people, they’ve become the fitness equipment of choice.

Like dumbbells, kettlebells are an easy and simple tool for resistance or weight training exercises. But unlike dumbbells, kettlebells have an uneven distribution of weight that actually shifts during various movements and exercises. For this reason, kettlebells are an easy solution for jumpstarting your muscles and getting a little more out of your workouts.

This 15 minute kettlebell workout is a great way to change things up and challenge your fitness in a totally new way. With these full body exercises, you’ll build lean muscle and burn off extra fat and calories.

I recommend starting this workout with 2 things:

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My Killer Kettlebell Workout…in just 15 minutes!

If you’re new to kettlebells, start off with 5-10 pounds for this workout, or use what works best for your fitness level. Run through these exercises in order, performing 16-20 reps for each exercise and resting for about 20 seconds in between. Run through the circuit 3 times in total.

1. Squat and Flip – Start in standing position with your feet about hip width apart. Holding the kettlebell with both hands above your shoulder, lower into a squat position. In one controlled movement, push up and out of the squat as you lift the kettlebell overhead, then lower back into the squat as you move the kettlebell across to the opposite shoulder. Repeat, moving the kettlebell from side to side.

2. Lateral Lunge and Lift – In a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart, hold the kettlebell with one hand at your right shoulder (elbow bent). In a big step, move your right foot out to your side and lower into a side lunge. As you do this, lower the kettlebell under your left leg and pass it over to your left hand. Lift back to starting position, repeating on the opposite side. Move continuously back and forth between sides.

3. Shoulder Press – Standing with your feet hip width apart, hold the kettlebell in one hand at shoulder height (elbow bent and close to your torso). Lower into a squat position, then push out of the squat and lift the kettlebell overhead until your elbow is straight. Perform 8-10 reps per side.

4. Plank Row – Get into a plank position (similar to a traditional push up position), with your legs, hips, back, and neck aligned. Place one palm on the floor for support, and grip a kettlebell in the other hand. In a rowing motion, pull the kettlebell up and into your torso, lifting one side of your body off the ground. Hold for 1-2 seconds, and lower, performing 8-10 reps per side.

After 3 circuits, you’ll have worked up a killer sweat and burned a ton of calories. On top of that, the resistance training with the kettlebells will have improved your lean muscle mass, contributing to your body’s overall ability to burn fat.

Using Kettlebells at Home

Kettlebells are a great piece of workout equipment to use at home. They’re convenient and don’t take up a lot of space (they’re actually easier to store than dumbbells, I find). For a great addition to any home gym, check out these Altus 2 In 1 Power Medicine Ball And Kettlebell Set. They have removable handles so they also function as traditional exercise balls!

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