7 effective ways to tone your stomach

7 Effective Ways to Tone Your Stomach

There’s no denying it – a toned stomach is one of the most common fitness goals out there!

As a personal trainer, I’ve helped many of my clients achieve this goal. And over the years I’ve gained a better understanding of what it takes to tone your stomach.

In addition to crunches and ab exercises, you really need the right combination of diet, cardiovascular exercise, weight training, and supplementation, depending on where you’re at. Together, these things can make a washboard stomach possible!

This article looks at 7 effective ways to tone your stomach. While each one is effective on its own, I really recommend attacking this goal from all angles. Many people find it challenging to see the results they’re looking for, but the truth is, you have to get serious about a few things to achieve success.

Let’s get to it…

7 Effective Ways to Tone Your Stomach

1. Clean Up Your Diet – First and foremost, you need to revamp your diet to maximize your fat-burning potential. A big part of getting a toned stomach and waistline is the food you eat. Cut down on the sugars and bad fats, reduce your carb intake, and get more good fats in your diet, like these Optimum Fish Oil Softgels.

2. Eat Foods that Burn Fat – Many foods will actually boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories and fat. Some examples include Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil, NOW Green Tea Extract, and NOW Spirulina Powder. All of these will help you shed the fat from your stomach.

3. Get Moving – This one may sounds too obvious, but if you live a relatively sedentary lifestyle, you need to start getting some decent amount of cardiovascular exercise. While cardio isn’t always enough on its own, it is effective at burning a ton of calories on the spot. 20 minutes of intense cardio a day should do it and try and hit this a minimum of three days every week.  Check out the Workouts & Training section of the website for tons of fat burning cardio exercise plans.

4. Lift Weights – Full-body resistance training is another effective way to tone your stomach. Weight training increases your lean muscle mass, which has a direct impact on your resting metabolic rate. The more muscle you gain, the more fat you’ll be able to burn on a daily basis. Make sure you follow your workouts with a protein supplement like Optimum 100% Casein Protein, for optimal muscle gain.

5. Try a Fat-Burning Supplement – The truth is, you may already have well-developed ab muscles, but they may be hiding under a bunch of excess belly fat! This is why burning fat is so important when it comes to toning your stomach. Two of my top picks for fat burners are 7-Keto LeanGels and Hydroxycut South African Hoodia.

6. Energize Your Workouts – When it comes right down to it, getting a toned stomach takes some hard work. If you don’t put out the effort in your workouts, you’re simply not going to see results. If you find yourself lacking in energy, I recommend a good energy boosting supplement like Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump MAX.

7. Train Your Abdominal Muscles – Last but not least, you need to do focused abdominal exercises in order to develop the muscles around your waistline and tighten up your stomach. I recommend doing your ab workout in small bursts every other day, or in longer dedicated workouts a couples times a week. Here are 5 effective ab exercises to add to your workout:

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