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Workout Program – SuperPumped

It takes a lot to get me super excited about a supplement, so many of them fall short of all they promise, but every once in a while I come across something that really stands out against the rest. In this article we look at why Gaspari Nutrition hit the gold mine with one of the top selling supplements in the entire industry.

The name of this supplement? Superpump. The claim? Promotes skin tearing muscle pumps, roadmap vascularity and explosive workouts! So does it do as it says, or is this all marketing hype?

The truth is not quite, but nevertheless it does do one thing that is quite impressive – it does promote explosive workouts and a great pump during and after your workout. Well some may think that this is just like any other Nitric Oxide energy drink, but there is one significant difference…

Nitrix Oxide works by expanding or dilating our blood vessels and allows our muscles to get nourished better while at the same time allowing the byproducts of exercise to be removed. SuperPump doesn’t just rely on Nitrix Oxide though, it has an extensive blend of other effective elements including Creatine Monohydrate (for more info on Creatine read my article on Benefits of Creatine Supplementation), Vitamin B’s, Ginseng, Ginko Bilboa, Taurine and a host of essential amino acids.

How Does SuperPump Taste?

Gaspari Nutriton has made a number of different flavours including: Refreshing Orange, Blue Raspberry Ice, Lemon Burst, Tropical Punch, Raspberry Lemonade and Grape Cooler. Personally I find the Grape Cooler tastes freaking amazing, reminds me of the grape freezies I’d get as a kid, so make it better and add some ice to it and give it a good blend.

When Should You Use SuperPump?

The great thing about SuperPump 250 is that it works pretty quickly, generally within 30 minutes so take it right before your workout. I would also recommend that you have at least a banana or a protein shaker 30 minutes before that. This will give your body the ability to take that energy and boost it with this supplement during your workout.

Is SuperPump Just For Bodybuilders?

Absolutely not! Sure it says that it will give skin tearing pumps and crazy vascularity but those effects only last for about an hour and like I mentioned before it helps you by dilating your blood vessels and nourishing them while taking away toxins. Ok, but are there any concerns?

I would only express caution to those who are super sensitive to stimulants like caffeine as SuperPump 250 does contain caffeine and taurine. You may also want to check with your doctor if you have high blood pressure, or any other health problems which in that case I would generally advise to focus on a healthy diet first.

Benefits of Superpumping Your Workouts

The benefits are pretty substantial as having more intense workouts means you will obtain results much more quickly and those results will be elevated. You may also find that you have more mental focus when you are working out and that will allow you to keep proper alignment of your back and push through your workouts.

The end result means more lean muscle mass, and a higher muscle to fat ratio.

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Conclusion Workout Program SuperPumped!

Supplemented aren’t for everyone, we all have our own different opinions. If you already have made sure your diet is full of healthy foods and you have a workout program that is planned specifically for your objectives then SuperPump will be icing on the cake. Just remember there is no easy way out though, you have to train hard to get real results, that’s just the real truth!

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