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Important Weight Loss Questions

Starting out on a diet and exercise plan can be scary and confusing. It can also be lonely. The truth is that most us will embark on a weight loss plan at some point in our lives and there are a few commonly asked questions that we will attempt to answer now.

These important weight loss questions and answers should help you to feel more informed as you begin your weight loss journey and hopefully help you to know that you are not alone!

So what’s the number one question to start this off?

Weight Loss Question #1

The number one query in our important weight loss questions round up is: “how soon can I expect to see results?”

Well, this depends on a lot of factors such as what are you eating, how often are your exercising, what your personal body chemistry is like, and how much you need to lose.

The fact is that weight loss varies from person to person. An individual that only has five to ten pounds to lose will probably drop weight at a slightly slower rate than someone that has one hundred pounds to lose.

The important thing is to not become discouraged. If you keep your low-calorie diet and exercise routine you will see results. Make a very good attempt to focus on your increased energy and happiness, as well as how your clothes are fitting, instead of a number on the scale.

Weight Loss Question #2

Another of our important weight loss questions is: “why have I stopped losing weight when I am still following my diet and exercise plan?”

This is called a plateau and it is actually quite common. Your body has the incredible ability to adapt to the changes you have made with your diet exercise after several weeks. Don’t give up! This is good; it means you have lost enough weight to really start benefiting from the new physique you are going to build.

Now you need to evaluate your weight loss goals with a new perspective in the variation of your training plan. You need to amp up the intensity of your workouts and change up your routine to kick start more weight loss.

You can handle it! You haven’t just been dropping pounds this whole time; you have been building up your foundational muscle and increasing your stamina.

Do not cut your calories even more at this stage! Variation to your training technique is the key to overcoming a plateau. You need to feed your body. If you starve yourself your body will end up breaking down muscle, which will severely undermine your metabolism and cause it to become sluggish.

Weight Loss Question #3

The third important weight loss questions is: “why am I gaining weight when I have been exercising for months?” This is one of the main reasons that we recommend using the “how do I feel?” and “how do my clothes fit?” barometer rather than focusing on the scale.

The scale will only tell you what your overall mass is. It does not differentiate between fat and muscle. You may weigh 120 lbs but how much of that is from fat cells and how much of that is from strengthened muscles?

Don’t be a slave to the scale. If you have been exercising and eating well for months then chances are you are wearing a few sizes less than before or your body has tightened in spots that weren’t so tight before. That is the true test of your success.

Weight Loss Question #4

The last of our important weight loss questions is: “what supplements do you suggest I take that don’t have major side effects?”

There are the essentials that everyone should be taking, these include: multi-vitamins, Omega-3 (fish oils), and finally a high quality lean whey protein. The multi-vitamins will make sure that you have all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to burn through fat and build lean muscle, the omega-3 will keep your heart healthy and help lubricate your joints, and the whey protein will provide the essential amino acids for muscle recovery and development.

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