Thyroid Supplements and Weight Loss

thyroid supplements weight loss

Thyroid Supplements and Weight Loss

The thyroid gland is a powerful endocrine gland in our neck area which has a major effect with regards to the results of all our training and healthy eating.

For many an underactive thyroid will heavily negate their efforts and seriously compromise their ability to lose weight and gain muscle. Considering 1 in 13 North Americans have thyroid disorders this number is quite alarming especially since many are undiagnosed.

Let’s take a quick look at the function of the thyroid and then discuss supplements which have been designed to support the thyroid gland.

Thyroid Gland Function

The main function of the thyroid gland is to control how our body makes proteins (muscle fibers), uses energy and most dramatically controlling sensitivity level of other hormones within our body.

The ones of interest to us are T3 & T4 which are synthesized by our bodies through the amino acid tyrosine and iodine. The reason these are of such importance to us is because they affect our metabolism as well as the rate & growth of numerous systems within our body.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

First of all, hypothyroidism is defined by the underproduction of T3 & T4 thyroid hormones. The most common symptoms of hypothyroidism include weight gain, fatigue, cold intolerance, loss of hair and cardiovascular difficulties (slow heart rate under 60 beats per minute during rest).

If you notice that all these symptoms are happening even though you are sleeping enough and having a relatively healthy diet then it is a good idea to get checked out by your doctor with a simple blood test. Treatment is very easy with a daily supplement by the name of levothyroxine or also known as synthroid.

What about other supplements in the market?

Thyroid Supplements and Weight Loss

One of the more interesting supplements that I have come across for thyroid support is NOW Thyroid Energy which has both the amino acid tyrosine and the element iodine. Simple enough and quite cheap, get more info on – NOW Thyroid Energy.

Another supplement which takes it to the next level is Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix. In addition to tyrosine and iodine it includes green tea extract to really boost thermogenesis of fat and caffeine to boost energy levels and physical performance. Get more info on – Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix.

If you’re looking for a non-stimulant while at the same time want optimal thryoid support then you may want to look at Magnum Nutraceuticals CLA. CLA also works to help with lean muscle gain without caffeinating you so it packs quite a punch. Get more info on – Magnum Nutraceuticals CLA.

Do you have any questions about thyroid supplements and weight loss? Please leave me a comment below..

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  1. I have had hypothyroidism for about 5 years now and am currently taking levothyroxine. I recently heard about Now Thyroid Energy and saw it has received very good reviews in general, but I am worried whether it is safe to take with levothyroxine? I do find it difficult to lose weight and was wondering whether it would help, as well as alleviate other lingering hypothyroidism symptoms?

    • Most of the ingredients in NOW should actually support better thyroid function but it’s always highly recommended to check in with your doctor for any additional supplements.

  2. I have hyperthyroidism and I’m thinking of taking shred matrix muslepharm to lose weight. Is that the best move for me to take that supplement?

    • It’s a pretty common issue and shouldn’t impact your thyroid especially if you are making sure to eat healthy whole foods in order to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Would be worth a try and see how your body reacts but if you’re very concerned you should always consult with your physician.

  3. Hi, My thyroid tends to be high, but I am now on levothyroxine medication for it. Which one of these supplements would be best for me? I have been going to the gym 5x a week and monitoring my diet, but have not lost any weight in 4 weeks. What am I doing wrong? or would I benefit from a supplement even though I’m taking medication for thyroid? I am female. I want to loose 20 lbs.

    • It sounds like Thermonex would help you but also sounds like you are not training intensely enough or you aren’t watching your diet closely?

  4. Hi,

    I(Male) have hypothyroid and I want to loose around 40 pounds of weight. I am controlling my diet and exercise. My energy levels are also good and i dont get fatigue. But despite all my efforts I am not loosing weight. It is remaining at fixed neither increasing nor decreasing.

    I wanted to know whether I can take Lipo 6X supplement for the fat loss in hypothyroid.

    • Sounds like you need to add a little more intensity in your workouts and especially in your cardio. Skip Lipo6 and go with the Now Thyroid Energy mentioned in the article, it will be a much better match.


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