The Best Ab Exercises You're Not Doing

Boost Results with these Killer Ab Moves

Looking for a couple of extra ab exercises to throw into your routine that involve something other than just 1000 situps? You’ll need to check out these body sculpting moves to turn that sad tummy upside down.

I know it’s a challenge but getting into a routine is important when it comes to training and conditioning your muscles. You have to give your body time to adapt to any particular exercise or workout in order to really maximize your results. But routines can also get you into a rut.

It’s especially easy to get locked into a routine when it comes to your abs and core muscles. And if you keep doing the same thing for too long, your body’s going to stop responding, and you won’t see the result you want.

So today we’re going to look at a few awesome ab exercises that are a little lesser known, but they do a killer job at sculpting and toning your abs and core.

The 5 Best Ab Exercises You Need to Start Doing

Try some of these next time you hit the gym, or turn them into a complete abdominal workout by running through 2 or 3 sets of each.

Hanging Leg Raises (view exercise)

This one’s a classic ab exercises, but one that still often gets overlooked. It’s not as intimidating as you think, and if you think you’re still at the beginner level, you can start with hanging knee tucks (view exercise).

Ab Twists with Cable Pulley (view exercise)

I like this exercises because you can easily increase resistance as you need to. It’s also great for toning your obliques, the muscles the run along your love handles. For some variations, also try the lower ab twist (view exercise) and upper ab twist (view exercise).

Oblique Crunches on Stability Ball (view exercise)

Another effective exercise for your obliques and abs, all you need is a stability ball for this one. The added challenge to stability and balance will give you faster results.

These last 2 require a bosu ball. Consider grabbing one of your own and boost your home workout results – Bosu Ball.

One-Legged Ab Crunch on Bosu Ball (view exercise)

I like this one for how much it sculpts the lower part of your abs, and really works on that V-shape. Make sure you don’t rush through this one.

Bosu Ball Knee Tucks (view exercise)

This one gets you upright, so it’s going to involve different muscles than the others. It’s also going to help you burn a ton of fat and remember to keep your metabolism high by eating small portions of food every 2-3 hours, a protein smoothie with natural whey like Optimum 100% Natural Whey will keep you satisfied and resisting temptations that will damage all your efforts.

Looking for more ways to tone and sculpt your abs? Check out my 10 Minute Core Challenge here.

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