the best 6 pack abs strategy

Why Abs are more than just a workout…

Hopefully you know better by now that the best 6 pack abs strategy is not just about a good ab workout.

Although exercising and working out your abs is important for building abdominal muscle and toning up, a healthy diet actually plays a bigger role in seeing 6 pack results.

Here’s why: Your abdominal muscles are a relatively small group of muscles, which means they can only get so big. This makes them hard to see compared to other larger muscles.

To make matters worse, your abdominal muscles are located in an area where most of us carry extra weight – our waistline. So the problem is really confounded by both of these issues, making 6 pack abs a somewhat challenging fitness dilemma.

The moral of the story? You can do as many crunches as you like, but you’ll never see your results if you don’t lose the fat around your waist. And I don’t just mean losing a few pounds here and there. I’m talking some serious fat burning and toning that’s required for real results.

What’s the Best 6 Pack Abs Strategy?

A healthy diet is pretty vague, I must admit. When it comes to seeing 6 pack abs results, you’ve got to get pretty serious about your eating habits. Your primary focus should be fat reduction, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Cut out ALL foods that contain saturated or trans fats. These fats are the worst kind you can possibly eat, as they are stored directly as fat deposits. This means cutting out most fast foods and anything that’s been fried or processed (i.e. cookies, chips, etc.)
  • Eat more good fats, like the omega-3 fatty acids found in avocados and salmon. These kinds of fats actually enhance your metabolism and redistribute fat away from your midsection. To boost your 6 pack results, I recommend taking these natural source Optimum Fish Oil Softgels as they are also filtered to remove heavy metals which you can find in eating too much seafood.
  • Cut out the added sugar. When it’s not burned off, sugar is stored as fat. And processed sugar is the worst, because it has the added effect of throwing off your blood glucose level. This leads to cravings and spikes in hunger that only worsen the problem. So watch your labels.
  • Reduce your carbohydrate intake considerably, but not completely. Carbs are essentially made out of complex sugar molecules, and they’re high in calories. Reduce your intake to 2-3 servings (the size of 1 piece of bread each) per day, and I guarantee you’ll see amazing results. You might also consider carb cycling. Read more on that strategy in my article, Carb Cycling Diet Plan.
  • Get your sleep patterns normalized.  This means going to bed about the same time each night and waking up the same time hopefully hitting 8  hours or a minimum of 7 at the least.  Sleep not only affects your hormone balance, but also your recovery speed and together this means better fat burning metabolism especially ready to be activated after you workout.
  • Lastly, the carbs you do eat should be of a certain variety. Definitely only go with whole grain options (white bread and rice are out of the question). You should also consider going wheat-free. Check out my article, Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and find out why.

I guarantee that by adopting these strategies, you’ll see a major improvement in your 6 pack abs results. Add to this a killer abdominal workout like my Best Results Ab Workout, and you’ll reach your goals in no time.

Have any questions or feedback about my best 6 pack abs strategy? Please leave a comment below…