healthy holiday eating

Healthy Holiday Eating

The time from October 31st – January 2nd can be an AWFUL time if you are, like most us, trying to keep the fat off your midsection. Not only are we less active but there is an abundance of food everywhere you go!

Those of us that have done the diet martyr thing know the absolute torture of denying yourself any of that holiday deliciousness and most us also know the feeling of surrender that eventually hits.

You know the one… where you finally cave and eat a brownie decorated with a snowman but that one snowman brownie turns into three and a glass of champagne and a few meatballs and maybe just a couple pieces of pie.

Before you know it you have eaten your weight in gooey treats and the guilt is so intense you give up on dieting entirely for the next three months!
Well, fear no more, with these easy healthy holiday eating tips you will be able to keep steadily losing or maintaining your weight without feeling completely neglected this holiday season.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tip #1 – MOVE!

If you want to eat a little more without gaining weight then you have to move a little more. Weight and fat loss is basically addition and subtraction. Add more calorie burning so you can make up for the added intake of calories!

But have a reality check and be realistic about the amount of leeway you are giving yourself. This means matching your calorie burning with your calorie intake. The more you burn the more room you have to splurge and vice versa.

Take this further and err on more activity. If you haven’t yet, now is a great time to organize and clean the heck out of your house, take stairs where you can, get in for a morning workout to keep your energy levels up throughout the day or even switch up your workouts so you are doing circuit training where one exercise is performed after another. Ok, now we are talking about some extra calories being burned!

Healthy Holiday Eating Tip #2 – Fill Up On Healthy Side Dishes!

Sure there are four different types of butter covered potatoes but I bet your table will also have a vegetable platter, some healthy greens and maybe even some fruit.

If you don’t think it will, it’s your turn to take initiative and show who’s boss. Try some steamed broccoli with cayenne and cajun sprinkled on top to fill in the holiday cheer.

Now take the opportunity to eat the healthy side dishes with a tall glass of water as your appetizer, chances are you will get fuller faster and not be able to stuff yourself with butter-heavy entrees and fattening desserts. Filling up early can give you just the slight space you need to taste your treats without over indulging and regretting it later when you look in the mirror. It’s not worth it right?

Healthy Holiday Eating Tip #3 – Eat Your Morning Meal!

What usually happens to most of us is that the majority of the fancy eating is done in the late afternoon and evening. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that ignoring food in the morning will give you more room to indulge later on. This is faulty logic.

If you start off my starving your body you will trick it and your brain into thinking that you need more food later on and that you need to cling to the extra calories to ward against starvation in the future.

Have a nice healthy breakfast at a reasonable time. Starting your day off in this manner will keep your body from freaking out, will keep your brain from rewiring into crisis mode, and will give you the willpower and a normal appetite to guide you when you enjoy your holiday meal.

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