healthy easy sushi recipes

Healthy Easy Sushi Recipes

I’ve heard a lot of different opinions about the role of sushi in a healthy diet. Some think that everything on the menu is up for grabs, while others question exactly what’s so healthy about it all.

My own perspective? Sushi can be healthy, but you still have to make some smart choices. There are definitely some things to avoid, particularly fried options like tempura and anything that comes with a heavy mayonnaise sauce. And there are some things to look for, like veggies and brown rice. So before we get to some healthy sushi recipes you can make at home, let’s look at some rules for keeping sushi healthy…

How to Keep Sushi Healthy

  • Opt for brown rice whenever possible. It’s an easy way to avoid the blood glucose spike that comes with white rice, and it has a lot more in the nutrition department.
  • Ask for low-sodium soy sauce instead of the regular variety. Sodium leads to water retention, and that’s only going to make you look bloated.
  • Avoid tempura (or at least keep it to a minimum). It’s just as bad as any fried food!
  • Try to choose options that have a lot of veggies. I always try to order at least one veggie roll. You can also start with a salad.
  • Avoid eating too many rolls that come with heavy mayo dressings, or ask for the dressings on the side.

5 Healthy and Easy Sushi Recipes

Now believe it or not, sushi is a lot easier to make yourself than you may think. The nori (seaweed) can be bought in its prepared form at any major grocery store, and the trick to getting the rice right is to use a rice cooker, which leaves the rice with a slightly sticker texture.

Here are 5 simple, healthy sushi recipes you can make at home.

As for quantities of ingredients, it all depends on the number of servings you want to prepare.

1. Veggie Lover’s Roll – This one is pretty simple, but it’s a great way to get more veggies into your sushi experience. Start with a thin layer of brown rice on your nori, and stuff it full of shredded cucumber, shredded carrot, and avocado. Simple but nutritious!

2. Cucumber-Wrapped Roll – This is my favorite healthy twist on sushi (and it’s becoming more popular in many restaurants). Rather than wrapping your rice and other ingredients in seaweed, you’re going to wrap them in very thinly sliced English cucumber. This one is great with some cooled, boiled prawn and green leaf lettuce.

3. Salmon and Avocado Roll – This one is a classic healthy sushi option, and doing it with brown rice makes it all the better. I also recommend doing this with wild salmon, which is generally your healthiest option.

4. Mango Tuna Tango Roll – For something a little more tropical and sweet, this mango tuna roll is an easy and healthy option. Slice your mango into thin slice and add to a thin layer of brown rice on your nori. Top with sashimi-grade tuna, and drizzle with a little Sriracha sauce before rolling and cutting.

5. Sushi Bowl – If you’re finding traditional sushi a little too intimidating on your own, then give this creative idea a try. Skip the nori, and top a small bowl of brown rice with fresh, uncooked salmon sashimi, diced avocado, shredded cucumber, and drizzle with a bit of low-sodium soy sauce. It makes a tasty, simple, and healthy meal!

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