emotional eating

Emotional Eating – Breaking the Habit

It’s really important that we pay just a little attention to our eating habits especially when we go through stressful periods in our lives or just trip and end up eating more than we should on a regular basis.

The mistakes we make with our eating are very normal, even the most healthy people I know still manage to go a little overboard from time to time and sometimes it is even unconscious.

So how we do take control of this matter and finally get to reduce the excess fat with a long-term perspective?

I’m going to make this article short and sweet and get to the point right away. The first step in this process is to write down what you eat in a food journal. It doesn’t have to be a fancy journal, but I will mention that I found one that is absolutely spectacular because it also allows you to write down your workouts into. Check out the demo of everything included in the journal by going to the link here – Fitlosophy FitBook.

Nevertheless, keeping a food (& workout) journal is pretty much a golden key to success with your ability to lose fat and keep it off. But we should take this one step further.

When you’re writing down what you ate, also write down how you felt emotionally at that time. Were you in a hurry, anxious, depressed, stressed out, upset or just bored? Dig deep and think of the roots of your emotions and possible ways to address these.

This one simple tip will really rewire your brain to acknowledge how emotional your eating habits are. And once you know this you can face those matters dead on.

Finding avenues to deal with the negatives such as channeling this energy into your workouts is one of the best things you can do to achieve long-term success. Be proactive and be positive. Be confident and don’t let anything get in your way. If you’re feeling sorry for yourself or you’re just bored try yoga or a long walk to explore your city more, or better yet how about pampering yourself with a massage.

Emotional Eating: Conclusion:

I hope this article starts something good in motion with you, it’s these little things like keeping a food journal and staying positive that really makes the difference in reaching your health goals. You may find it a bit of a challenge at first just like anything, but once you have that motion going nothing will get in your way when you start seeing results.

Your passion and dedication in making yourself better each day at a time will benefit you greatly in many different aspects of your life from feeling great, to better memory and even better skin so keep reaffirming the benefits!

Did you enjoy this article? Have any feedback or stories you’d like to share I would greatly your appreciate your comment below…