cellucor r3 extreme review

What you need to know about Cellucor R3 Extreme

When you’re committed to a supplement cycle and training program, nothing is more frustrating than muscle fatigue, pain, and soreness. You want to continue your workout regimen with intense energy and focus, but often times you’re just simply too sore.

R3 Extreme can help you overcome these training obstacles and expedite muscle growth, speed up recovery time, and protect newly formed muscles.

The primary ingredient in this supplement is Glutamine, which feeds fuel to your immune system and keeps your muscles healthy and fully functional.

Who is Cellucor R3 Extreme for?

While used frequently by top professional athletes, R3 is designed for anyone who:

  • Wants more efficient and effective training sessions
  • Looking to boost their immune system – it is a great alternative to over the counter flu and cold drugs
  • Wants to reduce post-workout muscle pain
Why you’d be interested in using Cellucor R3 Extreme

Cellucor R3 Extreme has been proven to:

  • Helps block cortisol release for longer workouts
  • Prevents unnecessary muscle fiber damage and promotes joint health
  • Helps you create a very strong immune system which translates not only to the gym, but everyday life
The Cons/Disadvantages of Cellucor R3 Extreme

As with all workout supplements, there are a few issues worth mentioning:

  • Soreness may be present for some people for up to 24 hours after your workout
  • It is best used as a long term supplement – the recommended cycle length is 12 weeks
  • Recommended to be stacked with testosterone boosters and creatine for quicker muscle growth
Common Misspellings

Some common misspellings include :

  • Ceellucor R3 Extreme
  • 3R Extreme
  • R3 Extreem
Our final verdict on Cellucor R3 Extreme

As one of the only products that can both minimize muscle repair time and speed up the recovery process, we definitely recommend R3 for your recovery supplement solution. There are no documented side effects, and you really can’t find anything but glowing reviews available online. We’d be curious to see if there are any out there!Get the best price on Cellucor R3 Extreme Today!

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