burn the fat

Burn the Fat

When you know it’s time to Burn the Fat there are so many different angles to consider that it can be a bit overwhelming and even frustrating when things aren’t quite going your way.

In this article we look at 3 powerful techniques that are proven to help you burn the fat both efficiently and in a way that will not zap away all your energy like a lot of the latest fitness and diet fads.

All you have to do is stack these 3 techniques on top of each to really build your confidence up and turn all the negative into positive energy which is absolutely essential for a successful fat burning strategy. The question is are you up for it?

Foods that Burn the Fat

If you’ve been following this blog you will have heard me preach about eating as much veggies as you can each day. Veggies are not only full of vitamins, and nutrients which keep your heart, brain and body functioning at their best but they also are full of water and give you a full feeling. Next meal, load up your plate with some broccoli, carrots, onions or whatever other veggie you like and you’ll now what I mean.

To make the veggies extra tasty add a splash of extra virgin olive oil (for some healthy fats) along with some cayenne, cajun powder, or even basil to really bring out the flavour and make it extra tasty. A lot of research also indicates that spices are great for increasing your metabolism and getting your body to burn the fat at an accelerated pace so don’t be shy with experimenting with them until you find your favorites.

In addition to veggies, if another part of your efforts are focused on eating high quality lean proteins including whey protein then your chances of having a healthy musculature system which burns fat at an elevated level are increased exponentially. You can make healthy fruit protein smoothies or even add some peanut butter chocolate whey protein to your oatmeal to easily boost your protein intake. My favorite is Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion whey protein, it mixes incredibly well and the taste is simply brilliant!

Sleep to Burn the Fat

Sleep too little or sleep too much and you put your body’s entire circadian rhythm out of whack (circadian rhythm is the rhythm which your body’s physiological and chemical processes occur based on a 24 hour cycle). What this means is that the time when your body was expecting food but didn’t get it, or wasn’t expecting food but did get it places excess strain on how your body manages nutrients and in turn causes weight gain in the form of fat.

This is probably one of the most common problems most of us face and through experimentation I believe most of you will find that 8 hours is indeed the magic number you want to hit. It’s long enough to have you feel well rested and short enough to not make you lethargic and lazy.

You need to get this pattern regulated no matter what it takes especially if you notice that you are training and eating relatively healthy and yet not getting the results that you think you should be getting. I’ve found some natural supplements which help with stress like Optimum Super-Multi Pak and NOW ZMA have really helped with keeping stress under control and therefore resulting in better sleep so you may want to consider trying them out.

Training Variety to Burn the Fat

Most people lose their motivation with training and exercise plan simply because they don’t include enough variety. A great rule of thumb is that if you’ve been doing the same routine for longer than 6 weeks then it is time to change it up. It doesn’t matter what you change as long as it is relatively significant enough.

If you are asking “what is significant enough?” then you are asking the right question! Significant enough would be switching from running to biking or swimming, or instead of training your legs with the same 4 exercises you pick 4 entirely different exercises. Or it could even mean doing abs and back on the same day rather than just abs.

Another great idea is to follow the seasons and pick a sport which you can switch with one of your workouts and then focusing some of your training in the gym to help you with that sport. The stronger you get in doing those similar movements in the gym then the better you will be at that sport and in turn the more fun you will have.

If you want different workout ideas check out the workouts and training section of this site or you could also try signing up for notification of my online personal training program which will be launched in a few months and will be quite comprehensive in the number of workouts it will contain.

Burn the Fat: Conclusion

You’ve now got 3 powerful techniques to really help you burn the fat as fast as possible without harming your health (which is a common long-term trait of most fitness and diet fads). Put them all together and remember to continue to add variety and look for the positive in it all. If it’s not fun then it won’t be sustainable and you’ll start to make up excuses, but hopefully now you won’t have to do that anymore!

Have any questions or feedback about this article to help you Burn the Fat? Please leave a comment below…