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Burn Fat Fast with Assault

There’s a new fat burning supplement in town and it’s gaining massive attention by athletes, coaches and trainers and if you’re lacking any motivation during this season then you are definitely in for a treat.

When it comes to pre-workout supplements there are definitely a ton out there that promise the world, but only a few have come close to creating a bang with your workout without giving you a huge jittery crash afterwards.

After speaking with quite a number of people it seems only USPLabs Jack3d really fulfill this promise and give quite incredible pumps, but now a serious contender is Muscle Pharm Assault. Let’s look at how Assault will help us burn fat fast and then we’ll go into the ingredients and determine if it is right for us…

How We Will Burn Fat Fast with Assault

Assault is derived from a number of clinically proven and powerful naturally occurring substances that together improve performance, endurance and strength. The objectives of Assault are to allow you to train harder, lift more and recover faster from your workouts.

Furthermore, increased blood flow, energy output and mental focus without the overstimulated crash are a focus of the benefits of Assault and why it is gaining so much attention in the fitness and bodybuilding world.

What I especially like about Assault is that it was clinically designed and tested with real athletes and was really made for athletes. There aren’t many other reputable supplement companies which can have the same research to back it up.

And when we’re looking to burn fat fast the main focus we want to have with out workouts is that our intensity is as high as it possibly can be so we dip into our body fat stores to use it as energy. If we have more endurance, strength and overall better training this is a serious over-performing supplement which can make it a lot easier to burn fat fast.

So what about the primary ingredients? Are they safe? What makes up this to be the winner of the Pre Workout Supplement of 2010?

Primary Ingredients to Help Burn Fat Fast with Assault

  • 5 grams of creatine per serving: the perfect amount to help us with energy (ATP) production so we can ramp up our workload and not get as quickly tired. Creatine helps provide water to our muscles and increase blood flow so we can excrete wastes from exercise quicker and this allows us to go to the next level.
  • 3 grams of arginine per serving: arginine is a naturally occuring precursor for or nitric oxide (NO) production which is a powerful vasodilator giving you a major pump when you workout. If you’ve tried this before you know how effective it can be making your muscles feel engorged with blood and the best part of this is that it supplies your muscles with the nutrients they need to both grow and recover.
  • 3 grams of beta alanine per serving: another natural amino acid which helps with muscle contractions and reducing muscular fatigue. Why did we not know more about this before right?
  • 3 grams of suma root per serving: a natural performance boosting derivative from a South American herb that Russian athlete have been using for years to increase muscle production, immune function and improvement of energy.

When looking at these guys and the rest there are no red flags when it comes to ingredients which cause side effects. The only ingredient which may be of some concern to those who are caffeine sensitive is caffeine. Because of this I’d recommend not taking it at least 6-7 hours before your bed time so it doesn’t disrupt your sleep. Of course there are some of you who could have a coffee and still sleep an hour later so exceptions definitely exist.

I invite you to give it a go if you think this is a product you want to try to help you burn fat fast, judging by the list of ingredients and from all the awards and reviews this is a pre-workout matrix that is one of, if not the best – Muscle Pharm Assault.

Get Muscle Pharm Assault

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