weight loss plateau

Weight Loss Plateau: The Break Through

You may have found some pretty consistent results by training and eating healthier, but after a while you start to see a plateau with your efforts and you’re wondering what you can do to make things rev up again. If this sounds at least a little like you then you are in the weight loss plateau level which pretty much every man and woman reach at some point in their training sessions.

So what are the reasons for this happening? Maybe if we analyze this it will allow us to make another break through?

Weight Loss Plateau: The Reasons

Portion Size: This is a tough one to gage, how do you know how much you should be eating? Well the answer isn’t that easy since everyone has different energy expenditure during the day.

Let’s look at it this way though, just before you feel full stop eating and leave part of your food on plate. Have a glass of water or even a glass of red wine. After a few minutes do you feel full? I’ve tried this so many times and have been surprised to see that I actually was full before I finished the rest of my plate.

You’ve probably heard it before but this is because our stomach has a delay in telling our brain that it is full and we should stop eating. Try this out and see how you feel, you know your body best and can test smaller portion sizes for a week to see how your body fat reacts to this.

Workout Routine: Your missing sessions more regularly each week here. Are you feeling bored with it all, or are you making excuses? Sometimes we just need a change of scenery, and a cool trick I found was just dropping into another local gym. Sure there is a drop-in fee but it’s a great way to really switch things up if you have been going to the same gym month after month.

On the other hand if you are training at home, switch it up and get outside and try something you haven’t done before. There are bootcamp classes, running & hiking groups and even kayaking groups in pretty much every city. Mother nature is golden when it comes to reducing stress and helping us break a boring stagnant routine simply because weather is almost always different!

Cheat Days: I’m a big advocate of taking the pressure of a diet plan in allowing yourself a cheat day or two each week. This really reduces the pressure and allows us to work hard during the week and have more fun on the weekends. However, this can easily get out of hand, even I can attest to that! Make sure you are a little more diligent here and have your radar totally on especially on those weeks where you looked in the mirror and were not happy with the flabby belly looking back at you.  To help you curve your cravings it’s always good to have some healthy protein bars like Quest Bars or Pure Naturals Crunch Bars.

Weight Loss Plateau: Most Important Natural Supplement

The benefits of whey protein for fat loss and muscle gain is without a doubt proven over and over again, and if you’re not including it then you are definitely leaving something big out of the puzzle. I like to store lots of different flavours of whey protein in my place and use these as my healthy snacks. In my opinion on of the best tasting natural whey proteins in the market is Optimum 100% Natural Whey which includes the enzyme lactase to help those who are lactose intolerant. It comes in a Milk chocolate flavour which tastes exactly like the real thing, but it’s also full of vitamins, amino acids, and even fat burning CLA from sunflower & flaxseed and it is very low in the carbs. The Delicious Vanilla flavour is awesome too, blend it with some ice, water and fruit and you have a nice creamy fruit smoothie drink.

Weight Loss Plateau: Conclusion

This article was fun to write because it even reminded me of something that often go under the radar and can stop all of us from breaking through. Remember, portion size, variation in your workout routine and being smart on your cheat days and all these things will make that difference to overcome that frustration you have been experiencing.

What change will you make to break through your weight loss plateau? Put it in action by leaving a comment below…