Shock Your System For Faster Results

Thanks again to the awesome fans on my blog for questions that help us push our workouts to the next level, I wanted to talk about an interesting strategy by the name of Push / Pull workouts.

The push-pull method is a unique method of training that is based on splitting up your routine so that on one day you are doing only pushing exercises and on another day you are doing exercises that involve only pulling.

Some swear by the push-pull method as a great way to shock their system so that they can get faster fat burning and muscle producing results.

As a trainer, I like the idea of the push-pull workout because for most of us we haven’t tried training in that specific way and thus the variation is quite unique and can be a good way to take us out of a stagnant routine.

Let’s get on with the training plan…

Push Pull Workout

Pre-Workout Cardio Session:
10 minute session on the elliptical or treadmill to the point where you get a light sweat going.

Push Workout Day
Aim for 4 sets of the following exercises:
12 reps dumbbelll press (view image)
10 reps barbell squats (view image)
10 reps Military presses (view image)
10 reps leg press (view image)
10 reps triceps push down (view image)
12 reps chest dips (view image)
10 reps seated calf raise (view image)
10 reps push ups on bosu ball (view image)

Pull Workout Day
Aim for 4 sets of the following exercises:

10 reps Lateral shoulder raises (view image)
12 reps Bicep curls with dumbbells (view image)
10 reps pull ups (view image)
10 reps deadlift (view image)
10 reps cable rows (view image)
10 reps shrugs (view image)
10 reps hanging leg raises (view image)
10 reps bent over babrell rows (view image)

Post-Workout Cardio Session:
10 minute high intensity interval training on the elliptical or treadmill. Your goal should be to getting up to 10.0mph on the treadmill which is a full on sprint. For more info on HIIT read out my article – High Intensity Interval Training

Since this is a 2 day split routine you can either add in a specific cardio/core day to make it 3 days or you can alternate back and forth doing each twice a week.

The great thing about this split workout routine is that it allows your muscles time to recover completely before you repeat, so use it to your advantage especially if you are fighting regular minor aches and pains.

Supplements to Boost your Push/Pull Workout Results

There are a few staple supplements which have been proven to work for both men and women when it comes to boosting their workout results especially for those who are running around all the time and don’t have the time to always have a perfect diet…

  • Complete multi-vitamin to feed your muscle tissue & energy pathways (Try: Optimum Super-Multi Pak)
  • Pre workout energy supplement for motivation boost (Try: USPLabs Jack3d)
  • Whey Protein for lean muscle development (Try: Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey)
  • Branch Chained Amino Acids for muscle recovery (Try: Scivation Xtend)

Have any questions abut the Push Pull Workout? Please leave me a comment below…