Corn Sugar – Health Alert!

This is a serious news alert that I thought I should bring to your attention and it’s all about corn sugar which is also known as high fructose corn syrup. Basically it’s all about the bottom line of some of the most powerful and profitable corporations in America – the soda drink companies.

You have probably heard about high fructose corn syrup and how hazardous it is to your health. The obesity epidemic is rampant in North America and the wisest scientists and doctors have stated that the #1 factor is the large amount of high fructose corn syrup found in our foods.

You’ll find high fructose corn syrup in everything from soda pop to low-fat ice cream to yogurt and of course most baked goods including whole wheat bread. High fructose corn syrup aka HFCS is a sugar substitute because it is extremely cheap to produce and significantly sweeter than table sugar.

But this is not breaking news, here is what is…

High Fructose Corn Syrup is now known as Corn Sugar

You got to be kidding me right? In an attempt to battle the dropping profit of soda pops and other products which use high fructose corn syrup the manufacturers of HFCS have decided to pull a huge marketing scam on all of us. They have decided to label HFCS as corn sugar from now on.

This may not seem as alarming to you when you read it this way, but the disguise really comes into play when a few years down the line the labels are blurred even further when manufacturers start labeling items with natural sugars since they consider corn as being a natural food item, or in the case where the name is changed again and the association is completely lost.

As a consumer I find this outrageous and feel very strongly that the FDA should not be allowing this. But unfortunately it gets worse even yet…

The manufacturers of corn syrup are now doing a huge media blitz campaign which use quotes by “experts” that high fructose corn syrup is just sugar like table sugar and not any worst for your health. But the reality is that “corn sugar” is not just sugar derived from corn but is chemically processed and altered to create corn syrup.

The reason this is concerning is that history proves that as corn sugar (or high fructose corn syrup) was introduced to North America and manufacturers like Pepsi and Coca Cola started using it there has been a direct correlation with rising obesity epidemic.

The new media blitz is a clear attempt to hide this and say sugar is sugar, but when something is artificially produced then the most distinguished of scientists will agree that our bodies have a hard time figuring out what to do with artificial substances and the health consequences are in fact serious.

Corn Sugar Conclusion

What is the solution? Is HFCS really not as bad simply because it makes sense economically? That’s BS in my mind and as educated individuals we need to use our consumer power to let these guys know that this is just not cool with us.

Give us products that are made with natural cane sugar and just use less of it. Foods don’t have to be as sweet as manufacturers think we want them to be, and the better solution is simply to give us products that have less sugar in them period.

I’d like to open this up for discussion and really hear your opinion on this matter so leave your comment below…

I’m going to leave it at that