alcohol and weight loss

Alcohol and Weight Loss

A social life may be one of the biggest factors standing between you and weight loss.

The truth is, going out and having a drink can really interfere with your weight loss goals.

But what’s the real problem with alcohol and weight loss? And how can you enjoy a drink or two without falling off track?

Let’s find out…

The Truth about Alcohol and Weight Loss

When it comes down to it, alcohol and weight loss are enemies.

First of all, alcohol changes your metabolism. When alcohol is present in your system, it affects the way you digest food. Alcohol gets all the attention, because your body reacts to it like a toxin. What ends up happening is that other foods like carbohydrates and fats are not properly digested. This means more of these calories get converted into fats.

But there’s more. Alcohol is also a diuretic. When you lose bodily fluids, you also lose vitamins and minerals that are essential to maintaining a balanced diet.

At 7 calories per gram, alcohol essentially offers little to no nutritional value. The calories you’re getting from drinking are usually empty calories. This is the last thing you need when you’re trying to lose weight and get fit.

Although wine can be a source of antioxidants, these important vitamins can be obtained in other healthier ways (for example by a natural anti-oxidant supplement like NOW Green Tea Extract).

Most importantly, drinking alcohol interferes with a healthy lifestyle. It disrupts your sleep, it lowers your inhibitions (which means you may be more likely to snack and eat poorly), and it can make hitting the gym feel impossible.

For men, alcohol also interferes with testosterone production, which can really put a dent in your weight training routine. If you’re worried, NOW ZMA is a great vitamin-mineral supplement to support healthy testosterone levels.

All of these things will make your weight loss goals more challenging.

So how can you still enjoy a drink?

There are a few tips you should keep in mind when it comes to alcohol and weight loss.

First, go for low-carb drinks. This means cutting out the beer and wine. Like any weight loss and fitness plan, rewarding yourself with something indulgent is okay on an occasional basis. But for the most part, stick to low-carb drinks.

Make no mistake, one of the deadliest things about drinking on a diet is what the alcohol is mixed with. Avoid drinks that are mixed with juice and pop. Long island iced teas, rum and cokes, and margaritas are some of the worst high-calorie drinks. If you can, go for a drink like vodka with water and a lime. Not only will you keep your body hydrated, you’ll also avoid the extra calories and sugars.

When it comes down to it, moderation is key. When you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape, keep the alcohol to a minimum.

But wait! If you’ve cut out the alcohol and are still looking for that extra weight loss boost, try adding a fat burning supplement to your diet, like Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix or 7-Keto LeanGels. A Basic Fat Loss Stack can also be a great addition. This will help offset the effects of that occasional drink.

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