11 Eating Habits That Will Uncover Your Abs

Uncover Your Abs with the Right Simple Steps

I know if you’re like me you are always looking for the secret weapon, that secret weapon that will work exclusively for your body now!  But this is much easier said than done, otherwise we would all be sporting six pack abs and I know as a fact we all share this frustration.

As always my goal is to help you steer through the clutter of advice and just do things that simply freakin’ work!

So here are 11 simple but effective tips to help you uncover your abs and start a journey to uncover those beautiful ab muscles hiding underneath that belly.

11 Steps to Six Pack Abs

1. Eat 6 Meals a Day
Getting all your calories in 2 or 3 big meals isn’t so great for your metabolism, or your waistline. The problem is with the time in between meals, your body tries to conserve energy and thus slows things down and the major culprit being your fat burning metabolism. The simple solution is to eat frequently, and keep your engine revved up.  I’ve tested this with hundreds of clients and without a doubt they have all seen very positive results from eating frequently throughout the day even if it’s just an apple between meals.

2. Get Ahead of Your Hunger
By the time you’re feeling hunger pangs, it’s too late!  When you are feeling like you are about to rip off the head of anyone who gets in your path, your body is already pretty deficient in nutrients and energy resources. This makes you more likely to binge and overeat. Instead, try a 2-3 hour countdown between each meal/snack (I like, 8AM, 10AM, noon, 3PM, 6PM, 8PM)

3. Get Your Protein Up to Par
Protein is pretty important when it comes to building abdominal muscle, toning up, and burning fat. But many people don’t get enough protein in their diet. Make sure you get at least 20-25 grams of protein per meal.

4. Include Protein in Every Meal
Protein shouldn’t only be a priority in your main meals, but something you think about in everything you eat. Even if you’re snacking, try to get in a solid serving of protein if you can. For some help in this area take a look at my 5 Protein Rich Gym Snacks.

5. Boost Your Healthy Fat Intake as Needed
If you find yourself hitting a plateau, try boosting your healthy fat intake to jumpstart your metabolism. It’s a simple strategy that works and the best source of healthy fats includes: fresh fish, avocados, seeds and nuts.

6. Get Diverse with Your Carbs
You still need carbs for maximum energy and mental stamina, but you should try to branch out a bit (and away from processed wheat). Keeping your body guessing is an easy way to avoid the pitfalls of carbohydrates so make it your mission to explore different fruits and veggies every month.

7. Switch Up Your Carb Intake
Another way to do carbs right is to keep your body guessing when you’ll eat them. I’ve seen a lot of success stories from clients who alternate their carb intake. This is a method that is also used by elite athletes.  For instance, on the evening or day before a cardio workout they increase their carb intake to load their muscles with the fuel it needs to go extra hard.  The term is referred to as carb-loading or carb-cycling and is incredibly powerful.

8. Try Giving Yourself a Carb Shock
Take this to the next level (especially if you don’t have any underlying health issues like diabetes), with a carb shockwhich  can really help jumpstart your metabolism and reveal those abs. Every 2 or 3 weeks, try reducing your carb intake drastically for 48 hours, and then increase more than normal for the following 24 hours leading up to a workout.

9. Stay Hydrated
Water is needed to help ward off cravings and keep you energized, so make sure you’re getting enough all day long. It’s also important to get rid of high-sugar drinks like sodas and juices, because they only help pack on the pounds.

10. Start Your Day Right
Your first meal of the day really is important for a bunch of reasons. Physically speaking, you want to give your body the energy it needs and give your metabolism a solid boost. Mentally, you want to set your eating habits off on the right path so you stay motivated to eat healthy all day long.

Take a look at my post on 10 of the Best Healthy Breakfast Alternatives to do it right.

11. And Finish Light
An easy trick to burning fat and toning up your abs is to eat more calories earlier in the day, and slow it down as the day progresses. You burn more calories when you’re active and moving around, so it only makes sense.

Check out my Practical Paleo Meal Plan for some good low-carb, low-calories dinner ideas.

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