The Workout Routine Designed to Get You Ripped

It’s been a while since I’ve done a celebrity workout routine for men, but some of the most popular articles on this site include those of Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum to name a few.

If you’ve seen the show True Blood you probably were quite impressed with Joe Manganiello’s ripped physique so I thought I’d do a little investigating to see what he included in his workout routine to get to the level that he has achieved.

It’s interesting because what I found out was that Joe was actually following a routine which some in the fitness world would say is quite controversial but I think the results speak for themselves. The main focus of his workout is cutting so as you may have guessed one of the most major components includes an intensive cardio workout. Ok cardio is cardio right?

Not exactly, there is a specific training technique that only some trainers even attempt to suggest to their clients. This is doing cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast.

The thought is that doing cardio first thing will force your body to cut into the fat stores for the main source of energy since you’ve already gone through a fasting period during sleep. Risky?

Yes, the risk is that unless you already pretty athletic and have been training for several months in a row this kind of pressure on your energy system may be too much for most to handle. In other words, dizziness and even severe nausea would not be out of the ordinary for someone who is inexperienced.

Ok, so this I’ll leave up to you, if you think you are ready for it give it a try but I would be extremely cautious and aware of the signals your body is giving. If you find you are starting to feel light headed sit down and maybe have a protein bar or banana on hand to help you get your blood sugar up right away. The light headedness is caused by really low blood sugar so having something sugary can help you combat this right away.

On to the workout…

The Werewolf Workout Routine

Joe’s workout includes working out 6 times a week and twice a day with a 45 minute cardio session in the mornings before breakfast. Although this is a simulated workout routine, I have included all the research that I was able to find out on his workout and then added some of my own training experience to make sure it provides the best similar results.

Days 1, 3 & 5
Morning: 30-45 minutes running on treadmill (5 minutes high intensity interval training)

Afternoon Arms, Back, & Shoulders
3 sets of 10-12 reps of the following exercises:
Bench tricep dips (view exercise)
Seated Military Press (view exercise)
Alternating incline dumbbell curls (view exercise)
Pull ups (view exercise)
Shoulder dumbbell presses (view exercise)
Standing dumbbell curls (view exercise)
Tricep rope push downs (view exercise)
Lat Pull downs (view exercise)
Seated cable rows (view exercise)
Cable Hammer curl (view exercise)

Days 2, 4 & 6
Morning: 30-45 minutes elliptical trainer (5 minutes high intensity interval training)

Afternoon Chest, Abs & Legs
3 sets of 10-12 reps of the following exercises:
Pushups on Bosu Ball (view exercise)
Barbell squats (view exercise)
Dumbbell chest press (view exercise)
Leg press (view exercise)
Decline barbell chest press (view exercise)
Hanging leg raises (view exercise)
Oblique crunches on stability ball (view exercise)
Plank on exercise ball (view exercise)
Single leg deadlift (view exercise)
Dumbell flyes (view exercise)

Recommended Supplements for The Werewolf Workout

This is a pretty intense workout so you need to make sure your diet is focused around lots of protein and amino acids to help with recovery and growth of your muscles. The following supplements will help with pure learn muscle production…

Whey Protein for Lean Muscle Production (Try: Signature Casein Slow Release Protein)
BCAA’s for Muscle Recovery (Try: Evlution Nutrition: BCAA Energy)
Pre Workout Energy Boost (Try: ENGN PreWorkout)
Creatine for Maximum Power (Try: Optimum Creatine Powder)
Daily Multivitamins for Men (Try: Inner Armour Men’s Multi Stack Vitamins)

Conclusion: Workout Routines for Men – The Werewolf Workout

You’ve got a pretty killer workout routine for men to get you pumped up and ripped like werewolves in the HBO show True Blood. Now all you have to do is get your body and mind ready to stick to this 6 day twice a day workout! Remember to follow one of the beginner workout routines like that found in this article – Workout Plan for Men for at least 6 weeks straight before jumping into this workout.

You want to have your muscles, bones, joints and tendons ready for this kind of intensity and of course a high protein diet and supplementation is really going to make sure you get the most out of this routine.

Have any questions or feedback about this Werewolf workout routine for men? Please leave a comment below…