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Healthy Weight Loss Tips

There is a lot of information on this health blog on what to do when you’re looking to lose weight and get your abs to show. I thought it would be nice to create a tips sheet so you can refer to this page anytime you feel like you are falling off track and need to spruce up your motivation. I’ll include a sub-list of healthy food snacks as alternatives to the junk that layers our stomach and prevents us from seeing definition in our muscles.

In fact, I’ll include a downloadable PDF at the bottom of this article so you can print out and keep the tips near your fridge. It will serve as a powerful motivator and keep you health conscious on the nutrition choices you make.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Top 30 Weight Loss Tips That Work:

  1. Set realistic weight loss goals.  If you think you can shed 20 pounds in 3-4 weeks you are only setting yourself up for disappointment or jeopardizing your health.  Really quick fat loss is possible but it puts a major strain on your heart and organs and also leads to sagging skin.  1-2lbs/ week is healthy so be realistic.  Take your motivation to the next level with S.M.A.R.T goal setting by reading my article on Weight Loss Motivation Tips: Advanced.
  2. Make a list of what inspires you most when it comes to your goals with weight loss.  This can be a pretty quick and dirty list that you can reference anytime you feel like your motivation is breaking and can reference anything from finding your partner to staying young and energetic in your later years.
  3. Use photos for motivation.  These don’t have to be unrealistic photos of totally ripped celebrities & athletes, but having some visuals of what you want to strive for is a great way to encourage your motivation and feel free to check out my lists: Weight Loss Motivation Photos for Women and Workout Motivation Photos for Men.
  4. Drink water and then drink some more. Aim to drink one glass (250ml) of water every hour. And an extra 2 glasses for every 30 minutes you exercise. Once your pee is a very light yellow you will know that you are getting enough water. All non-carbonated non-caffeinated drinks count as well (e.g. milk, juice, herbal tea) or you can also check out my article on lemon water benefits.
  5. Be mindful of your eating.  So many of us have gotten caught up in lack of time and forgotten to really enjoy food.  Sit down, chew slowly and enjoy the nourishment that the food you are lucky to have is providing your body.  Have dinners with your friends and family and really talk about the flavors of the different recipes, being mindful is an easy way to lose weight.
  6. Eat every 2-3 hours. Yes, this means you are probably going to be eating more often. The key is to always be feeding your body with healthy choices…read the next few tips…
  7. Try these healthy snack ideas: your favourite fruit/berries (blueberries kick ass), handful of almonds/walnuts/peanuts, celery/carrots with cayenne sprinkled on top, fruit protein smoothie, low-fat cottage cheese with teaspoon honey, vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit, apples with organic peanut butter.
  8. Stick to fresh fruits, vegetables and meats as much as possible. The only exception is that frozen fruit has been known to have great nutritional value because they are picked close to being ripe before they are frozen (which means they have a higher value in terms of minerals and vitamins they supply).
  9. Choose the leanest meats possible.  Go for extra lean beef, extra lean ground turkey, chicken breast without skin, fish, pork without fat, and gamey meats are also usually high on the lean side.
  10. Stick to eating your most calorie intensive and protein-rich foods immediately after your workouts when your metabolism and absorption is the highest so you turn that food into lean fat-burning muscle.
  11. Keep track of your eating habits. Anytime you feel like you are falling off track keep track of everything you are eating in a journal. I bet you after 3 days you will be eating healthier!
  12. Don’t eat high carb or fatty foods 2-3 hours before bedtime.  This tip goes a long way as you don’t want to be digesting food on a slow metabolism when you are sleeping as there is more chance that food will be stored as fat to be burned off later.  The only exception to this rule is when gaining muscle, but this is in article on weight and fat loss!
  13. Limit your daily caffeine intake.  If you must have a boost have caffeine before your workouts, and pre-workout drinks like Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump MAX are safer than the sugary or highly chemical Monster and Red Bull drinks.
  14. Stay away from junk food. This probably doesn’t need to be said again, but processed foods that are found in a box, plastic packaging or can are generally not the healthiest choices, this includes chips, rice cakes, most crackers, cookies, granola bars, canned soups/chilis.
  15. Go to the grocery store with a list and on a full stomach.  This will allow you to stay on track with your healthy eating plan and not caving into cravings and temptations.
  16. Chocolate or sweet-tooth craving? Have a banana first!
  17. Watch your cheat days/meals.  I agree that every once in a while having a cheat food is not the worst idea but think smart and make the portion size small, you are trying to lose weight after all aren’t you? I have my clients stick to a pretty lean diet during the week and relax a little on weekends.
  18. Liquid calories can cause a lot of havoc! Skip the juice and watch out for lattes and machiatos that are full of calories, some as high as 500 in a cup!  Protein smoothies and shakes are an exception to the rule and again try and keep it to immediately after your workout.
  19. Most cereals are lying to you.  It’s an unfortunate reality but more than 90% of cereals on the market are total crap and full of sugars and carbs even when they highlight grains and fiber.  Be smart and read the label or even better stick to oatmeal and add fresh fruit and you will be way better off.
  20. Keep healthy snacks near you at all times. It’s 2013 and most of us still don’t make the effort to plan ahead and have healthy snacks on hand.  Go back to #4 for healthy snack ideas – veggies like carrots/celery/green peas are easiest and lowest calories, but low calorie protein bars like Myoplex Lite Bars or Balance Bars  are also good for emergencies when you need something more substantial.
  21. Jump rope for 10minutes a day or start with a 20 minute brisk walk every day. Doing some cardio in the morning is a brilliant way to jump-start your metabolism and keep you energized for the rest of the day. Check out my Jump Rope Workout: Burn Fat and Get Sexy.
  22. Aim for 3 days of cardio workouts and 2-3 days of strength training a week. Leaning on the heavy side of cardio is essential during weight loss stage.
  23. Push for high intensity interval training at least once a week to really boost your metabolism, just make sure you are well hydrated.  Check out my ultra popular Ultimate Treadmill Workout Routine for a sample routine.
  24. For weight loss, aim for higher reps about 12-14 repetitions and 4 sets of each exercise, with a total of 7-9 weight training exercises a day.  You should be able to complete this in 60 minutes otherwise you are resting for too long, and speaking of rest…
  25. Limit your rest periods between sets and exercises to 30 seconds.  This is taxing and you will break a total sweat while weight training.
  26. Add variation to your workouts at the minimum every 6 weeks.  Your body has an incredible ability to adapt to even the most challenging exercises so variety is keep to continuing results.
  27. Buy some inexpensive home workout gear.  You don’t need expensive or gimmicky gym equipment at home to keep you on track when time is short and can’t get to the gym.  Check out my list of gear like the balance board and stretch bands in my article Best Home Exercise Equipment.
  28. Sleep 7-8 hours every night. No exceptions. Adequate sleep helps you control your cravings and helps maximize the efficiency of your muscles.
  29. Stay positive and don’t weigh yourself. Focus on how good you feel after eating healthy and especially after you work out. Look in the mirror and know you are becoming the healthiest you have ever been.
  30. Create a vision board.  Vision boards don’t have to be only about possessions, create a vision board (tip: use pinterest!) and include all the different workouts and exercises you are going to do this year.

Above are 30 of my best weight loss tips. Read them, study them, and keep them near to you! Your results will be extremely positive and extremely rewarding. Again, if you ever feel like you are falling off track just quickly reference this list and with your strong will-power you will be successful in reaching your goals.

Download and Print Weight Loss Tips Cheat Sheet:
You can now download and print out these highly effective tips here – Weight Loss Tips Cheat Sheet (right click and save as)


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