weight loss for belly fat

Weight Loss for Belly Fat

Hopefully you have a pretty good understanding of the fundamentals of how to lose overall body fat and how to do it quicker (if not reference my recent article on How to Lose Fat Fast), but in this article we’re going to take it to a little more of an advanced level.

If you’re like most of us then you also probably find that belly fat is one of the hardest areas to target and although the mentality may be that you can’t target an area.

I like to challenge this thought though, as I know especially now since I’m preparing for another photo shoot for the next version of this website that there are definitely some tricks that have blown me away in how effective they can be.

Read on for these tips and tricks…

Weight Loss for Belly Fat: It’s Not Easy Breezy!

I’m going to give it to you straight up, weight loss for belly fat is not a walk in the park especially if you are over 35. It’s going to take extreme conviction and motivation to make it happen and particularly if you want it to happen quickly.

I have to say that one of my biggest motivation break-throughs that I mention in the article Motivation Tips for Weight Loss really has to do with being in your uncomfortable zone and knowing how to battle it.

Ok so you’re preparing for an event and want to look your best or simply are just ready to make it a complete lifestyle choice then the truth of the matter is that you may uncomfortable for a while but as you begin to see progress you will have a huge grin on your face and a feeling of pure joy when you look in the mirror.

But the question is how do we get to this point?

Weight Loss for Belly Fat: The Right Strategy

So I have to address it because people are always looking for the magic pill. Unquestionably there are some out there that do work and work quite well like USPlabs OxyELITE Pro or the new Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix. However, just relying on this is really not going to give you the results you want unless you have the all the other components in play at the same time.

First component of your strategy: Eat more in the morning than in the evening.

This one works wonders as your body has the time to burn through calories throughout the day, whereas at night when you are in rest mode there is a greater chance that the food will be stored as fat.

Take this to the next level by having the majority of your carbs in the morning and right before/after your workout as this will decrease the likelihood of the carbs being converted into sugar and again stored as belly fat.

So what do you late night when the cravings really kick in and overtake even your strongest willpower? Try one of these techniques:

Mix tons of ice, water and half a scoop of Muscle Pharm Bullet Proof. It’ll both help you with sleep, and muscle recovery and the ice will make you feel like you ate something substantial. Trust me this one works very well.

The other technique and this is especially good for those of you who want to keep the muscle or at least work on lean muscle production, but warm up some skim milk and water and then add a scoop of Optimum 100% Natural Casein protein. The chocolate flavour one will taste as good as hot chocolate and yet only have 120 calories. Amazing appetite killer and very good for you since casein protein takes a long time to digest and can feed your muscles throughout the night.

Second component of your strategy: Add cardio after your weight training.

Yes, you heard me right, it’s especially important to add in extra cardio to your resistance training plan if you haven’t already and do it after your weight training session.

This includes you ladies who think you can get away with just cardio alone. Weight training will condition your muscles and give you the tone you need to look sexy.

Does this mean endless hours in the gym? Absolutely not! Break out your plan so that you are using weight training with only one or two body parts per day and allow yourself 10 minutes at the end of the session to do some medium or high intensity interval training on a cardio machine of your choice, or get out and run or jump rope.

To keep your body guessing I’d switch up the type of cardio as well as duration/intensity.

Weight Loss for Belly Fat: Conclusion

There you have it, some added tips and tricks that are at the most advanced level and what elite fitness models use to get rid of their belly fat. Now the question is do you have the right conviction to put it into play and do whatever it takes to make it happen?

Have any other tricks that you have found to work especially well with losing the belly fat? Please leave a comment below…