weight loss diet plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Nowadays, weight loss is probably the single biggest motivation for working out and eating healthy. But it also seems to be one the biggest challenges!

When it comes to diets, things can get confusing and overwhelming.

In this article we’re going to look at 5 powerful tips to improve your weight loss diet plan.

The Weight Loss Diet Plan Problem

Most of the weight loss diet plans you’ve required require an extreme change in eating habits, especially if they involve counting calories. It doesn’t take long for most of us to experience a rebound or boomerang effect mostly because the diets are just too unrealistic.

The problem is that they can’t be maintained for the long haul, leaving you feeling discouraged, unsatisfied, and more frustrated than ever. So what’s the solution?

The Weight Loss Diet Plan Solution

Here’s what you need to do. First, throw out the fad diets and weight loss plans – you don’t need them. Instead, focus on eating a healthy, balanced diet that is geared towards burning fat while keeping you feeling satisfied.

The following 5 tips are really all you need to be on your way to weight loss. This is a comprehensive diet plan because these 5 principles can be applied time and again without leaving you bored and overcome with cravings.

After reviewing these 5 tips, start by cleaning out your kitchen so that you can start fresh!

1. Cut Down on the Bad Fats – You might not know this, but not all fats are bad for you. Try to avoid trans fats and saturated fats whenever possible, because they’re stored directly as fat deposits in your body. But other fats, like omega fatty acids and unsaturated fats, will help you maintain a healthy weight and keep you feeling full. Foods like salmon, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, and avocados are all great options.

In fact, I highly recommend taking an Omega 3 supplement, as this is the healthy fat that most of us don’t get enough of. Try NOW Ultra Omega-3, it’s a great addition to your weight loss diet plan. Studies have even shown that omega 3 fatty acids can contribute to weight loss!

2. Ditch the Processed Junk and Go with Whole Foods – Go for whole food options whenever you can. This means cutting out canned foods that high in sodium (which add to your weight by causing your body to retain water) and frozen foods that are full of unhealthy preservatives. Buy fresh ingredients as much as you can, as these are higher in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

I also recommend cutting down on starchy veggies and potatoes, and always choose whole grain and whole wheat options over white bread, rice, and pasta. These whole food options will keep you satisfied for longer because they take longer to digest. Organic options are always best and usually have fewer preservatives and chemical residues, which can disrupt digestion.

3. Eat Foods that Burn Fat – There are a number of foods that actually burn more fat simply by eating them. For example, lean protein requires your body to burn more calories during digestion. The same is true for whole grain options versus processed rice and pasta.

Adding a whey protein supplement to your diet is a great option, and can also help curb your cravings. I recommend the tasty GASPARI . Other effective fat-burning options include Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil and NOW Green Tea Extract. Fiber is another addition to your diet that helps you burn calories and stay full. A fiber supplement like Fitness Fiber can help you get the daily recommended fiber you need.

4. Don’t be Hard on Yourself – The truth is, nobody’s perfect. Trying to eat perfectly will only result in more frustration. Consider rewarding yourself occasionally, maybe once a week, and eat something that’s a little more indulgent. The occasional dessert or alcoholic beverage won’t ruin your weight loss efforts and may give you the motivation you’ve been looking for.

Other effective methods for staying motivated include using motivational pictures, sticking to a schedule, or rewarding with a new pair of shoes at the end of the month. For many people, journaling your diet habits can be a really effective tool for staying motivated and on track.

5. Get Regular Exercise – Diet is important, no doubt, but being active is a major factor in weight loss and should be added to any weight loss diet plan. A combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise 3-5 days a week will rev up your metabolism and get you burning more fat and calories over the long term.

To maximize your workout and your weight loss efforts, I recommend a combination of the following supplements:

Weight Loss Diet Plan – Conclusion

Now it’s time to implement these principles. Start by cleaning out your kitchen and getting rid of the junk. Then, I recommend sitting down and writing out a weight loss diet plan that incorporates exercise. Remember, you’ll see better results with a practical and balanced weight loss diet approach!

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