rapid weight loss exercise

Rapid Weight Loss Exercise

Yes, we all know that exercise is important for sustained weight loss but what are the moves that are going to burn the fat right off of our frames in the shortest amount of time? Not all of us have the patience to endure daily workouts with no immediate pay off. We want to do use a more advanced rapid weight loss exercise strategy!

Well, the fact is that exercising consistently over a long period of time is absolutely necessary in order to build the muscle that boosts the metabolism which burns the calories that keeps us thin or shredded or whatever the body type is we are going for.

But there are some rapid weight loss exercises that you can do to boost your fat burning right now. Be warned, these are intense! As a matter of fact intensity is the key to stimulating immediate fat burning. You want the fat to melt off than you have got to work!

Rapid Weight Loss Exercise Defined
As you are probably aware the best exercises that you can do to boost instant calorie reduction and fat burning are cardiovascular exercises. This basically means anything that requires your entire body to be in motion and to get your heart pumping.

The intensity of your cardio will directly correlate with the amount of fat you burn. This means that in order to be doing a rapid weight loss exercise you want to be at sixty-five percent intensity or more if you want to achieve fat busting results.

But how do you know when you have reached this intensity level?

The easiest way to figure out where your intensity level is at is to try and speak. The higher the intensity of your cardio rapid weight loss exercise, the harder it will be to speak. Sure, it’s a little uncomfortable but that is kind of the point. If you can’t complete a sentence without taking pauses for extra breath than you are hitting a good intensity level.

Cardio is important and if you are looking for rapid weight loss than you are going to need to have a consistent and high intensity cardio workout schedule but do not count out the importance of strength training.

Sure, you’ve heard before that strength training can take up to six weeks of consistent work before your muscles begin to change and affect your metabolism. You have heard it because it is true.

But, once again, it all comes down to your intensity and stamina. For instance, resistance training for seventy minutes (an hour and ten minutes) burns the same amount of calories as running for fifty minutes (only twenty minutes less) at maximum capacity of seventy percent.

Rapid Weight Loss Exercises

So what are the top rapid weight loss exercises in terms of caloric burn? Try this list and remember high intensity interval training is a great strategy with any of these exercises:

  • Jumping Rope
  • Running on Treadmill
  • Elliptical Trainer
  • Rowing
  • Training with kettlebells
  • Biking
  • Racquetball
  • Kickboxing

Rapid Weight Loss Supplements

There are a number of highly effective thermogenic supplements in the market which are made for rapid weight loss. The key ingredient in most of these is either caffeine or a similar stimulant so remember to keep these to the morning and never use one for longer than 12 weeks in a row. At this point you will want to have at the least a 2 week break to allow your body to rebound and for the efficacy of these supplements to come into play again. These are the top thermogenic rapid weight loss supplements:

Conclusion: Rapid Weight Loss Exercise

So you can run so hard you that you have difficulty breathing (that’s how you gauge your intensity, remember?) or you can do resistance training for a little longer and have the same results. The added benefit of resistance training is that you are still building up your metabolism, which will help you maintain the rapid weight loss you are trying to achieve.

But please use your head. If you haven’t run in years than it probably won’t be healthiest for you to start out at one hundred percent intensity and expect to make it for an hour. Train smart. Even if all you can manage is five minutes at max capacity that is still going to boost your metabolism for a few minutes. Get your heart going! That is the key!