quick workout better results

Quick Workout Better Results

Probably one of the biggest mistakes we all make is spending too much time working out instead of working out smarter.

This article is going to especially be of benefit to those of you who are extremely short on time or are finding that you are getting quite bored of your workouts.

With this in mind, let’s look at 5 smart ways to have a quick workout which provides better results than a 90 minute bout wondering in the gym from one equipment to the next.

Quick Workout Tip #1

Have your workout planned before you get into the gym. This serves two very powerful purposes. It gives you a clear plan of attack while you’re in the gym so you don’t have to think what to do next.

The other purpose is that it boosts your motivation and allows you to visualize what you’ll be doing once you’re in the gym. Throw in the thought of how good you are going to feel once this workout is done and you’ve really pumped yourself up to get through a killer quick workout.

If you need help with planning print out my free printable weight training log or grab this Fitlosophy Fitbook which has it all outlined and ready for you to go.

Quick Workout Tip #2

Cut rest periods between sets and exercises. If you’re one of those people who starts daydreaming and losing track of time or you just want to really get a quick workout in then you can totally reduce your rest periods.

Usually I aim for 30-60 seconds rest between exercises and sets, but if I’m in a real hurry I cut this down to 30 seconds. The cool thing about this is that it also begins to work your endurance levels and you’ll find you get a good sweat going on which means you will be burning calories at an accelerated pace.

Quick Workout Tip #3

Supersets take the previous principle to the next level. Supersets is basically doing two different exercises right after each other so there is no rest period.

The two exercises can be of the same body part (like biceps and triceps) or it can be two completely different body parts so that you give one enough time to rest for the upcoming set.

Quick Workout Tip #4

Machines can a great way to reduce time in the gym. By machines I mean equipment which doesn’t involve you putting on and removing weights.

Generally I advise using dumbbells and barbells because it allows for greater range of motion which means it is more difficult and gives more impressive results, but machines are very convenient and good to mix up your regular routine.

Saving that time in adding and removing weights can add up and this tips allows you to be a bit more adventurous with your workout by trying different exercises that you usually wouldn’t do. The great thing about this is that your muscles won’t expect it so this form of variety will kick them in gear again especially if you feel like you are plateauing.

By the way, just because you use a machine doesn’t mean you can’t watch your form. Be conscience of keeping a natural curve in your back with your shoulder blades back and your core tight – this will allow you to boost results from machines.

Quick Workout Tip #5

Focus and reduce chit chat. This was some great advice I got several years ago. If you have time for chit chat and you are not completely focused on the exercise you are doing then you aren’t training hard enough!

Push yourself and your training partner if you have one by keeping the intensity high enough where you are catching your breathe and working up a really good sweat. This kind of training mentality is what will give you those ripped abs you’ve always wanted.

Energy Boosting Supplements for a Quick Workout

If you’re finding motivation is lacking then you may want to try one of these energy boosting supplements about 30 minutes before your workout. You’ll find that you rip through your training session and have enough energy to do a quick cardio session afterward to further your fat boosting metabolism.

Do you think these quick workout tips will help you save time and stick to a plan which will yield great results in the long term? Please leave your comment below…