Time to Teach Those Abs a Lesson!

There’s nothing more impressive than a set of good abs, for some reason it catches us all when we see them and is perhaps one of your long-term goals to achieve.

Easier said than done no doubt, and in fact it is easier for some especially the younger you are and the more active your daily routine is, but if none of the goodness seems to be on your side, it’s time we teach those abs a serious lesson.

We’re going to embark on an adventure to tighten those abs with a pretty intense and short ab workout that is designed specifically just for that.

Intense 30 Minute Ab Workout

To warm up you’re going to start off with a 5 minute jump rope where you get faster and faster every minute.

Then you’re going to jump into each of these exercises back to back with as minimal rest as possible and repeat for a total of 3 times the whole circuit of exercises.

60 seconds plank on dumbbells or stability ball (view exercise)
20 Russian twists  (view exercise)
10 (each side) One-legged ab crunches on Bosu Ball (view exercise)
30 second (each side) One-legged side planks (view exercise)
15 Ab rollouts on stability ball (view exercise)
20 Bicycle crunches (view exercise)
10 (each side) Oblique crunches on Bosu Ball (view exercise)
20 Bosu ball stair climbers (view exercise)

Once you’re done this circuit you’re going to end off with a 10 minute high intensity elliptical trainer session. Go hard, go fast, burn that ab fat like there is no other.

This is an intense workout, you’re going to really feel it the next day so give it a full 48 hours before you repeat.  But repeat you can, and you can get more and more intense each session, especially if you aren’t quite there yet with this workout, it’s a great one to build up to and since it incorporates cardio you’ve got a great mini-workout to help cut that body fat and expose those sexy abs.

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