muscle training workouts

Muscle Training Workouts

Time to change up your weight training routine?

Whether you’re trying to pack on the weight or just fight boredom, there’s a lot of variation you can add to your workouts.

And the truth is, you need to change things up on a regular basis to keep seeing results. Over time, your body and your muscles get used to the same routine. This means they’ll stop responding to your workouts unless you mix it up a bit and try something new.

So let’s get right to it. I’m going to start by listing some killer workouts that should help you focus your efforts on different muscle groups. Remember, you need to make sure your muscle training routine is balanced and continuously changing. These workout plans should help…

Muscle Training Workouts – The Right Programs

Now, let’s look at some ways you can add variety to these muscle training workouts, to take your efforts to the next level…

Muscle Training Workouts – Changing It Up

The options are pretty much endless for adding variety to your muscle training workouts. All of these techniques will help shock your muscles and get you seeing results in no time.

  • Fast & Slow.  This is an advanced technique which requires you to have perfect form so you can’t go super heavy.  The idea is to go fast during the push movement of the exercise and then slow down to a 4 count when doing the pull movement.  So for example if you’re doing a pull up you go up super fast and then lower slowly.  It burns and it hurts but it gives results!
  • Supersets. Supersets combine two or more sets which focus on different muscle groups. There’s little or no rest in between sets. For example, alternate between a bicep curl and tricep extension, resting after 1 set of each.
  • Drop Sets. For a really intense workout, drop the weight for a particular exercise when failure is reached, so that you keep your muscles stressed for a longer time. Start with reps of 40 lbs for your bicep curls, then drop to 30lbs, 20lbs, and 15lbs without rest.
  • 21s. Dedicate the first 7 reps of a set to the upper half of the movement (for example, in a bicep curl), the next 7 reps to the lower half, and the last 7 reps to the full range of motion.
  • Triple Sets. Start with a weight that lets you get 10-14 reps max. Perform each rep as fast as possible (while maintaining your form). As soon as you feel your speed slowing, stop the set and rest 30 seconds. Repeat, and rest another 30 seconds before repeating for a third time. That’s one set. Rest, and repeat the whole sequence.

Sound intense? That’s the point. If you want to take your muscle training routine to the next level, you need to push it and try new techniques. Even changes as simple as number of reps, number of sets, and grip width can lead to a change in your results especially if you started noticing a plateau lately.

Muscle Training Workouts – The Right Supplements

There’s one more piece to the muscle training puzzle – supplements. A combination of high quality protein and amino acid supplements works the best. Here’s what you need to maximize results:

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