Secret Motivation Tips of the Pros

Motivation Tips: A Different Take

Have you ever wondered how the elite athletes and fitness models are able to keep their motivation up so high when they are doing the same thing day in and day out?  It’s a pretty incredible talent to persevere through all the daily stresses that reside on our shoulders, but when you do…holey smokes! It’s almost like your path forms right in front of you and the results keep getting better and better.

This is what I would love for you to get out of this article.  I’ve spoken to many highly motivated individuals in my 20+ years of training  and some of the common attributes I’ve noticed they all possess are laid out for you here.

The question is whether you are willing to take them to heart and implement them into your daily routine or not.  Check out these 5 golden tips that will keep you forever motivated…

Motivation Tips #1: Talk About Your Goals

This is a pretty interesting technique because it makes you so accountable for your action…talk about your goals to everyone you know, even and especially when you’re at the gym. You’ll start to realize how supportive most people around you will be and having that support system in place is going to give you a major advantage in you reaching your goals.

Remember one thing…keep your goals realistic and focus on how you good you feel after you workout and eat healthy. This is GOLD. I find realistic results include things like: lose an inch in the waist area after 6 weeks, or gain 1/2 an inch muscle around the chest in 8 weeks.

Motivation Tips #2: Use Supplementation To Your Advantage

There is a lot of confusion about supplementation as in quite a few ways the media has given it a bad wrap simply because they first harp on the benefits of some products without doing the full background research to see how good they can be long-term.

I believe with anything we consume, supplementation can be used to your advantage as long as it is not your one and only crutch for results. The supplementation will only be effective if you also put in a good amount of effort, but if you find that more often your motivation starts out strong but then dips through the week then you may want to have some smart pre-workout supps like Essential Amino Energy.

If your stumbling block is cravings then you may want to try an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer which has gotten a ton of great user reviews.

For a more comprehensive overview of the best supplements check out Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women and Top 10 Workout Supplements for Men.

Motivation Tips #3: Compete with a Friend

If you have a friend that you can bring with you to the gym then set up a competition and make things fun. See who can gain the most muscle definition or lose the most fat in 8 weeks. Make sure you both chart your progress and set little prizes each week for who does the most pushups or runs the farthest in 10 minutes.

Ok, for some of you bringing a friend to the gym is not possible, or none of your friends are as motivated as you are so here’s something for you…

Just pick someone else in the gym is who is real hardcore and use their energy to boost your workouts. Just make a mental note and refer to them each time you workout. I’ve found this really helps me when I’m slugging through a workout day.

Motivation Tips #4: Ask Questions

With knowledge comes power to overcome your biggest fears and failures so ASK questions! Get over the shyness factor when you’re working out or playing a sport and ask others who are successful about their tips and techniques.

Just one side tip – be specific! Don’t ask “what did you do to get so lean?”, but instead ask “what exercise have you found to help you burn the most fat?”. Then keep asking questions about the time of the day they train and what foods they eat.

Even better, ask me questions by leaving me comments whenever you are reading through articles on this blog. You’ll find I’m pretty good at answering all your questions and when others add to these comments we can really take our knowledge of health to the next level.

Motivation Tips #5: Be Prepared for Set Backs

Ok, so we all have events come up or have some major work stress that we must conquer and this interferes with our workout plan and healthy eating. Take 5 minutes right now and make a plan for what to do when things like that come up. Perhaps you need 3 or 4 recipes of quick and healthy foods you can make in these circumstances (check out the Nutrition Tips section of this site for hundreds of great ideas). Write them up and have the ingredients ready in your house as something will come up at least once this week/month right?

You may also want to have a few pieces of workout equipment that don’t take up space in your home and a workout ready that you can do in 30 minutes for these crazy times. Refer to two of my most read articles which includes a list of workout gear everyone should have at home: workout routines for men at home and workout routines for women at home.

Have any other unique motivation tips you’d like to include? Please leave a comment below…