julia roberts workout

Julia Roberts Workout

Julia Roberts has been a symbol of class and beauty for decades now. Yet she seems to get more beautiful with age!

In her recent role in the movie Mirror Mirror, Julia Roberts’ character is obsessed with staying young and beautiful. In real life, this 44-year old actress says she loves getting older and the wisdom that comes with it.

So how does she do it? How does she stay in such great shape?

First, there’s the balanced diet. Julia Roberts has consulted the same nutritionist for many years, who encourages a balanced diet without the extreme measures. She’s not a supporter of the no-carb diet either, and supports Julia’s occasional indulgence in breads and pastas. It’s all about moderation, and eating the right kinds of carbs.

But of course it’s also about the exercise. I say it all the time – if you’re working out and exercising regularly, you can afford to have a few indulgences here and there. More importantly, you’ll look and feel great!

To stay in such great shape, Julia Roberts has continued following the workout regimen that she learned from her personal trainer in 2001.

Basically, it’s a combination of resistance (weight) training, yoga, and Pilates. Together, these things help maintain Julia’s high energy, lean physique, and youthful appearance. Nearly all of her exercise is low-impact, and most of her cardio is done in the pool. Water-based exercise is always a great way to diversify your workout!

So let’s get to it – a workout based on the fitness regimen of Julia Roberts. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Julia Roberts Workout

This is a really diverse workout that includes a number of different approaches over the course of a single week. If your goal is to get more lean, toned, and energized, this is the workout for you!

First, I’m going to recommend that you join a yoga or Pilates class at your local gym or yoga studio. If this is out of your budget, or just doesn’t fit into your schedule, then there’s a great yoga kit by Gaiam that has everything you need. Check it out here – Gaiam Yoga for Beginners Kit. It includes a yoga mat, a yoga brick for support, and a yoga strap for stretches. With an instructional DVD, this is a great option for beginners.

The goal is to alternate between more traditional resistance training workouts and flexibility training like yoga. Here’s the plan, which only requires 4 days a week:

Day 1 – Flexibility

  • 45 minutes to 1 hour of yoga or Pilates.

Day 2 – Lower Body & Core

Day 3 – Flexibility

  • 45 minutes to 1 hour of yoga or Pilates.

Day 4 – Upper Body

Julia Roberts Conclusion

This may seem like a simple workout, but trust me, the frequent yoga or Pilates will get you looking lean and toned in no time! Make sure you’re following up all of your workouts with a protein shake to give your muscles that extra support! I recommend Optimum 100% Natural Whey, or for all the vegetarians out there, Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer is a fantastic option!

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