Jessica Biel Workout

Probably one of the most searched for female actors on the web is Jessica Biel. Her incredible figure has been the talk of the Hollywood town since her role in “Blade” & “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”.

Fortunately I was able to find her training secrets by tracking down her personal trainer Jason Walsh who is a well known celebrity trainer.

Are you ready for this workout? It is quite intense, so if you are just starting out you may want to trim down this workout at first and build up to it.

Jessica Biel’s Whole Body Workout

Day 1:
Circuit #1

(3 sets of each – 30 seconds for each exercise)
Mini-Band Lateral Walks – for 30s each way (band around the ankles)
Sumo Squat Jump with Medicine Ball
PB Planks (Push up position with elbows bent). This is great for full body stimulation.[ad#ad-2]

Circuit #2
(3 sets of each)
Front Squats (3:1:0 tempo with band around knees) for 10 reps
Reverse Crunch (on incline bench) slow and under control for 15-20 reps
Kneeling Cable Chop for 10 reps each

Circuit #3
Five 50 yard resisted runs with 30 second rest periods to keep the heart rate up

Circuit #4
Manual Stretching

Day 2:
Track Day: Usually sprints ranging from 200m at 75% to 100m at 100%. Do 6-8 sets depending on how you’re feeling from the day before.
Try adding in some hops up stairs (single and double leg) and give yourself time to recover to 120 BPM (beats per minute) to get better output during each rep.

Day 3:
Regeneration: Get a foam roll and use it to stretch out your muscles in every direction.

Day 4:
Circuit #1

(3 sets of each — 30 seconds for each exercise)
Mini Band Lateral Walks
Linear Bounds
Side Bridge

Circuit #2
(3 sets of each exercise)
Single Leg Squat (holding medicine ball) for 10 reps each leg.
Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift for 10 reps on each leg. (holding 20-25lb dumbbells)
Decline Stick Roll Ups for 15 reps (slow and controlled)

Circuit #3
2 sets of each exercise:
Quadruped Opposites (2:5:2 tempo) for 8 reps each side
Chin-ups for 6 reps. (just enough for the upper body without building too much muscle)

Circuit # 4
Two 300 yard Shuttle Runs. Let the HR (heart rate) drop to 120bpm between sets because of fatigue.

Circuit #5
Manual stretching. Do a bit more today since it’s toward the end of the week and your muscles will be tight.

Day 5
One hour of hitting and kicking combos. Do 3 minute rounds with one minute rest periods. This is killer stuff.

Day 6
Recreational sports: work out with a HR monitor during every workout and after each circuit bring the HR down to 120 BPM. Always try to end your sessions with some sort of intensive cardio heart and lung thrasher whether its 50-100 yard sprints or hitting the pads for awhile.

Download Workout:

You can now download this work out here – Jessica Biel Workout Routine (right click and save as)

Jessica Biel Diet Guidelines

Eat when hungry, usually consisting of smaller portioned meals 3 times a day with snacks every couple hours between meals.

Break the fast (breakfast) consisting of Food for Life products like cereal with organic meal and blueberries or bread toasted with almond butter.

Snacks: whole grain crackers dipped in hummus, vegetables dipped in hummus. Trail mix with different nuts and seeds. Healthy organic bars.

Drinks: Green tea or drink with no artificial colors or preservatives and low in sugar. Workout days includes lots of water or amino acid drink on cardio days to keep hydration.

Lunch: usually consists of a salad with some sort of protein (fish or chicken) and lots of vegetables. Use a vinaigrette dressing.

Dinner: try and eat dinner 2-3 hours before bed and make sure it consists of a balance of protein and veggies. Keep the carbohydrates low at this time.

Supplements For a Rocking Jessica Biel Body