instant energy boosters

Instant Energy Boosters

Energy may be one of the biggest things standing in your way to fitness and weight loss.

And let’s face it, energy is a key component of motivation.

Without enough energy, you’re not going to feel very motivated – you may even find it difficult to get to the gym!

But there are things you can do to get an instant boost to your energy level. Not only will these tips and tricks help you get up off the couch, they’ll also help you get more out or your workouts. And longer, more intense workouts mean more results!

So here are my top 10 instant energy boosters to help you get ripped!

Top 10 Instant Energy Boosters

1. Get Outside – This may be the simplest solution, but it works. Make sure you get out in the sunlight as early as possible after waking up. About 20 minutes of sunlight can really energize your day.

2. Take a Cold Shower – Cold water can really do the trick. And it doesn’t need to be the entire time in the shower. Even ending with a couple minutes of cold water can do the trick, and guess what? It’s also good for reducing inflammation in your muscles and joints.

3. Drink Water – Dehydration actually causes fatigue. So make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day and especially before workouts.

4. Eat Protein – Eating protein helps keep your blood sugar levels more stable, and will prevent sudden drops in energy level. Make sure you have a protein shake before your workouts for optimal energy. Check out Optimum 100% Natural Whey, one of the best in the market since it’s devoid of all the artificial sugars and preservatives found in other other proteins. I highly recommend you experiment with a protein smoothie as your snacks in between meals as well, you will be amazed at how this will affect your energy levels.

5. Have a Cup of Coffee – There’s nothing wrong with a little caffeine. The only thing you need to be careful of is what you’re putting in your coffee. So keep it healthy, and this is a great energy-boosting option. Just make sure you are not having one every day or your body will become completely dependent on it and it will lose all its benefits.

6. Drink Green Tea – Green tea’s another great option for getting some caffeine, and generally healthier since it is full of antioxidants which keep you young. For even more of an energy boosting kick, try a green tea supplement like Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer. It will have you burning more calories and shedding the pounds!

7. Breathe Deeply – Yup, believe it or not, just taking a moment to do some deep breathing can help energize your mind and body. Oxygen is an important factor in your energy level so make sure you also pay attention to your breathing when you are exercising. This can be an advanced technique which Olympic athletes really hone in on.

8. Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Sleep is one of the most important predictors of your energy level. This may not be quite as “instant,” but one good sleep can energize your entire day! If you’re having trouble sleeping, check out Top Secret Nutrition Sleep.

9. Try a Pre-Workout SupplementUSPLabs Jack3d is the leading pre-workout energy boosting motivating supplement in the market. It will give you the biggest instant energy shot you can find and keep you fueled for your entire workout. In other words, there is no way you will be tired or lacking motivation after this.

10. Work Out – That’s right, working out alone can instantly boost your energy. If you’re having a hard time moving, drag yourself to the gym or get outside for a run. One of the biggest rewards of exercise is its energy-boosting capabilities. So make sure you’re hitting the gym on a regular basis!

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