6 pack abs workout

6 Pack Abs Workout

Getting a 6 pack is no easy task, but you may be closer to washboard abs than you think!

Your abs are a tricky muscle group to get in shape. For starters, these muscles are fairly small in terms of maximum growth potential. They’re simply not meant to be huge muscles like your pecs or triceps. As a result, they’re more easily hidden, which is why burning abdominal fat is so important.

As for your workout regimen, a combination of cardiovascular exercise, full-body resistance training, and targeted abdominal exercises will give you the best results.

And you really can’t ignore your diet. Unfortunately, most of us carry some fat around our waist, which hides abdominal muscles and takes away from that toned look. Before we get to the workout, let’s look at some basic diet tips for burning abdominal fat and showing off that 6 pack:

  • Cut down on the carbs, especially simple carbs, starches, and sugars. Carb-cutting is a quick and easy way to get a little closer to that washboard look.
  • Eat more protein. By increasing your daily protein intake, with the help of protein supplements like Optimum 100% Natural Whey, you’ll boost your metabolism and fight cravings with ease.
  • Include more metabolism-boosting, health-enhancing super foods in your diet, like NOW Chlorella or Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds. These simple additions to your diet will drastically improve your ability to trim your waistline.

Once you’ve cleaned up your diet, you should also consider an effective, fat-busting supplement like 7-Keto LeanGels or Hydroxycut South African Hoodia. These naturally-based fat loss supplements will jumpstart your metabolism, reduce cravings, and totally tone up your abs.

For those who get serious at the gym and need to take things one step further, I also recommend Cellucor Super HD. Remember it’s a good supplement to healthy diet but it is great at transforming your abs by revving up your fat burning metabolism and allowing you to burn through that belly fat.

Now let’s get to the workout…

6 Pack Abs Workout in Under 30 Minutes!

This 6 pack abs workout is designed with flexibility in mind. For all of these exercises, you’re going to perform 2-3 sets of each at a maximum number of reps. This means that each set should be performed until you reach exhaustion, allowing to work according to your own level of fitness.

As for order, I want you to mix things up. Perform these exercises in any order you wish, and change the order on a regular basis to avoid boredom. Here are the exercises:

6 Pack Abs Workout – Conclusion

Generally speaking, you should do this kind of abdominal workout once or twice a week at most. Since this is a more focused ab workout, you don’t want to overdo it. Allowing adequate recovery time between workouts is just as important for your abs! And don’t forget to work out the rest of your body – it’s a key step in getting 6 pack abs!

To improve your recovery and get more out of this 6 pack abs workout, try adding an amino acid supplement to your diet, such as Optimum BCAA 1000 Caps or Optimum Glutamine. These supplements are highly effective and will contribute to abdominal muscle growth!

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