Archive: January 2013

30 Minute Workout at Home

Check out this amazing total body home workout that you can do in just 30 minutes and will keep you looking toned and at your best.

Building Lean Muscle Tricks: Fast & Easy

Combining smart nutrition strategies with workout plans is incredibly critical to building lean muscle. Discover some tricks of the trade to make this fast & easy.

Top 5 Tips to Lose Weight Super Fast

These are my top 5 tips to lose weight super fast! And the best part of all? They’re the most practical weight loss tips you’ll ever find! Start losing serious weight today.

Best Lower Abs Workout

If you’re looking for that sexy six pack look, you need to start thinking seriously about your lower abs. This lower abs workout is designed to give some intense results…

Healthy Chili Recipe

Looking for a comfort food recipe that won’t leave you feeling guilty and bloated? Try my healthy chili recipe, packed full of healthy fat burning metabolism-boosting ingredients!

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