Archive: December 2012

Lower Body Workout for Women

Lower Body Workout for Women For the most part, I’ve found during training most female clients they want to work out their lower body and tone their butt, thighs and calves – but they’re not always...

Lower Body Workout for Men

Lower Body Workout for Men In my experience as a trainer and fitness coach, guys will make every excuse in the book to avoid working out their legs and lower body. And I get it. I’ve been there too....

Healthy Dessert Ideas

Enough with the guilt already! Here are 5 healthy dessert ideas to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Quick Weight Loss Recipes

Quick Weight Loss Recipes Looking for some easy and quick weight loss recipes? I try pretty hard to stick to a low-fat, whole foods diet. But it’s tough without a good set of recipes. And if you’re...

Best Results Ab Workout

Best Results Ab Workout Getting a six pack takes a little hard work. But with the right dedication and mindset, real sexy abs are totally possible. The best approach to getting rock hard abs is a...

Holiday Healthy Eating Tips

Through the holidays staying on track with your healthy eating plan is challenging! Find out how to avoid overeating with these simple tips and tricks.

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