Archive: May 2012

Weight Loss Tips for the Weekend

Although there’s nothing wrong with a little break from routine, weekends can be difficult times for pursuing your weight loss goals. Find out how to stay on track this weekend.

Fat Loss Tips: 5 Quick Tricks

Losing weight isn’t always an easy battle. But I’ve got 5 quick tricks that fitness athletes use all the time and will boost your fat-burning efforts into hyper gear.

Lean Belly Tips

Losing weight, getting fit, and toning up your midsection requires a variety of approaches.This article reviews my top 10 tips for getting a lean belly – just in time for summer!

Pool Ready Abs

In order to get your abs in optimal summer shape, I’ve designed a killer ab workout that’s sure to give you real results. This workout plan is all about circuit training and getting your metabolism in high gear!

Sodium and Weight Loss

This article looks at the relationship between sodium and weight loss, and reviews some simple tips for cutting down on your sodium and burning some extra calories.


When you’re trying to lose weight and stay healthy, you need all the tools you can find at your disposal. And astragalus might just be your next great find! Check out this immune-boosting super food.

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