It’s Time For Toning that Midsection

You might be freaking out about getting that midsection in order cause nothing seems to be working! Well, just in time to help you combat this, I’ve put together a killer cardio and core combo that you can knock out in under 20 minutes to help you tone that midsection.

I generally recommend combining cardio and core whenever possible. On its own, core and abdominal exercises often don’t hit the mark, and you need to burn a lot of fat in order to get the abs of your dreams.

Combining cardio with core exercises is an effective way to get more toned and fit in all the right places. This workout routine keeps you moving non-stop for 20 minutes, making it an ideal workout to jumpstart your day or throw into your fitness mix. By the end of this one, your abs and core will feel rock hard and you’ll have worked up a serious sweat!

Ready to rip it up?

The Cardio/Core Workout in 20 Minutes

This workout involves no dedicated rest periods. You’re only going to get a break in the few seconds between exercises and sets. If you keep moving, you’ll burn a lot more calories and fat.

Run through each of these exercises in a circuit. If you have more time, try doubling it up for twice the impact.

1. Sprint Warm-Up, 3 minutes

Start this core and cardio circuit off with 2 minutes of sprinting. Not only is this a great way to get warmed up, it’s also a serious fat-burner!

2. Bench Step-Ups, 2 minutes

Grab a couple of dumbbell weights and a workout, and hold your core tight and engaged as you alternate between steps. Make sure you keep your back straight throughout.

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3. Ab Twist with Cable Pulley, 12 reps per side

Find a cable machine and set a single hand pulley at mid-height. Stand perpendicular to the cable machine, grip the handle with both hands, and engage your core and oblique muscles as you twist and pull away.

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4. Ab Crunch on Stability Ball, 20 reps

Grab a stability ball, rest with your lower back and buttocks against the ball, and engage in crunches as you stabilize your lower body.

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5. Woodchopper, 15 reps per side

Grab a medium-weight dumbbell and stand with your feet at shoulder width. Start by holding the dumbbell overhead, then engage in a squat as your bring the dumbbell down and across your body. Bring it back to starting and repeat. This one is one of my favorite total-body exercises, and it’s great for your core!

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6. Jumping Rope, 3 minutes

Grab a jump rope and do a little skipping for 3 minutes. This will give some of your muscles a bit of a rest while you engage others, and keep your heart rate raised!

7. Bicycle Crunch, 1 minute

Hit the floor, and engage in some bicycle crunches for 1 minute. Make sure you’re moving at a slow, controlled pace throughout.

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8. Knee Tucks on Bench, 2 minutes

Get back to your workout bench, rest with your hands against the bench while holding your core muscles firm and your back straight, and alternate between bringing each knee into your torso.

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9. Back Extension on Stability Ball, 15 reps

Grab a stability ball, and this time rest your abdomen against it while your align your legs, buttocks, back, and neck. Hold your core firm and engaged as you lower and raise your upper torso. Make sure your lower back is doing all the work.

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10. Jumping Jack Cool-Down, 2 minutes

End this circuit workout with a little jumping jack cool down. Start off fast and intense, and start slowing down for the last 30 minutes. It’s a great way to burn a few more calories as you start to bring it down a notch.

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Have any questions or feedback about my 20-Minute Cardio & Core Workout? Please leave a comment below…